Austin Mac Repair in Austin, TX – Review and Warning to Others

In an attempt to save money over the Apple store, the Mac computer was taken to Austin Mac Repair in Austin, TX. The problem was that while trying to access certain high resource software, the computer would shut down. The owner of Austin Mac Repair (AMR) on Lamar condescendingly told the Mac owner that he needed more RAM to function properly and that his hard drive was defective. Not thinking anything was wrong with the hard drive when the computer was given to AMR, the customer trusted the owner. Not having made a backup before giving his Mac to the shop, the owner said he could do the backup and transfer to the new hard drive. Feeling he had no other choice, the customer agreed over the phone.

Shocked to see how much the bill came to ($790), the bill was paid to get the computer returned, only to discover the same exact problem still remained. Having no other choice, the disgruntled and ripped off customer took the Mac to the Apple store. These certified technicians informed him that the logic board was bad, which was why the software couldn’t run and would shut the system down. He was also informed that the problem could not be fixed, since the logic boards for that type Mac were no longer made. The reason Austin Mac Repair did not know this was because the owner does not possess the needed skills nor the equipment to run the proper diagnostics to find such a problem. On top of that the shop is not certified to work on Mac computers, something which the owner is not upfront about with his customers.

Realizing the owner of AMR convinced him to purchase work and products which were not needed, the customer called and complained to AMR. He was promised a full refund if he would return the unneeded hard drive and memory. When he attempted to do this, the owner took back that promise and instead agreed to take back the product for the price of the parts alone less his ridiculously high restocking fees. This refund was only $300 of the original $790 charge.

Customer called the owner again to complain about the bait and switch. Angry with customer, the owner called the customer’s home and left a threatening message on his answering machine stating that if customer dared to do anything to fight him on the charge that the owner of Austin Mac Repair would sue him and take his house.

Entire amount was disputed by customer with credit card company and parts were mailed back to owner, who denied the reversal. The owner feels he rendered services requested by the customer, when in fact he only performed unnecessary actions that had nothing to do with the initial problem in an attempt to ripoff the customer. So customer has returned parts in near new condition, and yet he is still out the entire $790.

Complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau, the FTC Consumer Protection Office and the Texas Attorney General. All Mac owners in Austin should avoid this unlicensed Mac repair shop and its incredibly rude and dishonest owner. Owner’s name has been withheld, but it can easily be found online.

A final note to add is that after reinstalling the original memory and hard drive, the Mac works fine. Though it still cannot access the high resource software. As long as those are avoided, there are no problems from the memory or the hard drive.