Auricular Acupressure

Auricular or ear acupressure provides many health benefits via massage or earring therapy. Ear acupressure is also known as auricular therapy. Massaging the ears can bring healing relief from many ailments. Instant pain, stress, anxiety and tension relief can be accessed with a healing therapeutic ear massage. Earring therapy with acupressure earrings and ear magnets provides even easier access to healing ear acupressure benefits. With the earrings you can suppress hunger, alleviate pain, release tension and get quick relief of many symptoms. An ear massage is very detoxifying and stimulating to the system. Auricular acupressure improves the circulation, strengthens the immunity and relaxes the body and the mind.

Briskly rub the palms of your hands together and then cup them over the ears for twenty seconds or more. Then massage the ears for a minute or more. Auricular acupressure massages may also be performed by kneading, rubbing, pulling and pinching the ear. Thoroughly massage the entire ear area. Then knead the ear by grasping it with the thumb and index finger and massaging it. With your thumb behind the ear press with the thumb and index finger in a kneading massaging motion. Another auricular acupressure massage technique is pinching the ear with the index finger and the middle finger and rubbing it. Slowly and carefully rub the ear all over for a therapeutic ear massage. Pulling the ear will help to stretch it and relieve tension. Pull the upper parts of the ear in an upward direction. Pull the middle sections of the ear out and pull the lower parts of the ear down.

Auricular therapy is based on the belief that a microcosm of the human body exists in the ear. The ear contains more than two hundred pressure points that influence different areas of the body and the psyche. Auricular therapy can provide relief for addictions, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, depression, headaches, hunger, hypertension, pain, panic attacks and weight problems. Ear massages are very relaxing and they improve the appearance of the skin. Auricular acupressure can be facilitated by earrings and acupressure ear magnets. Acupressure ear massages can be enhanced with aromatherapy oils.

Earrings and ear magnets for weight loss are available online. Pressing and massaging the ears is detoxifying and stimulating to the metabolism and the glands. Pressing the area in front of the ear can suppress hunger. The lung, kidney, endocrine, intestine, mouth points and other ear points can also be used to induce weight loss. Ear magnets for weight loss may be placed on the ears for appetite suppression, metabolism improvement, digestion regulation, stomach fullness and alleviation of nervous tension. Earring sets to help people stop smoking are also sold online and in stores. Magnetic earrings would be good gifts because simply wearing the earrings provides many health benefits.