August Thirteenth

“What can you tell me about August thirteenth, two thousand ten?” he asked as he smoothed down his pant leg before crossing it over his other leg. His pen hovered above the yellow legal pad as it waited for me.

“August…thirteenth.” I repeated with a broken laugh. Rubbing my nose with the back of my hand I counted the pens in his front pocket. “One pen, two pen, three pen.” I said rocking back and forth. “That was the end.” I told him with a nod of my head. “It doesn’t matter unless you read the rest of the story.”

“And what is the rest of the story?” He asked writing something down, he paused a moment to shake the pen getting the ink set before writing again.

“I can read upside down.” I told him. “I’m not stupid!” nails picked at my arm as I gave him a wild look, just because I was here didn’t make me stupid.

“I know you’re not, ” he said with a kind smile. “In fact I’m quite impressed with you, I’d love to get to know you better.” Brown eyes sparkled and met mine.

“I’m not stupid.” I repeated looking away from him with a slightly pleased smile on my face as I settled back in my chair. “He-he was going to do it if I didn’t.” my tongue darted out trying to cover dry cracked lips. When that didn’t work a hand rose and started peeling it back. “I had to do it.” I justified myself. “Otherwise he would have…and he can’t have blood on his hands…” my head gave a disjointed shake.

“Are you talking about Liam?” he asked slowly as he shifted in his seat.

“Liam says I shouldn’t tell you, he says that you’re going study me, like a frog in science class, that you want to dissect me!” my tongue darted out again and I took several short breaths as my eyes searched the room trying to find a way out. “One guard.” I said looking through the window at the door. “Liam says that I shouldn’t trust you, because you didn’t even tell us who you are.” I shook my head. “You didn’t, you aren’t anyone, you are nameless.” My legs lifted me part of the way out of my seat. “No Name.” I confirmed.

“I’m Doctor Andrews.” He reached out a hand across the table as though to touch my arm; he didn’t even come near. “Scott Andrews, you can call me Scott.” He smiled again.

There was something strange about his smile, something that excited me, it was different than the smiles of the other people Liam and I had met since we had come here, the stony smiles that pitied us yet at the same time were disgusted. Liam constantly had to remind me that I did what needed to be done and these people just didn’t understand.

“Scott Andrews, Doctor…he wears a sweater vest.” I noted. He would understand.

“So how is Liam?” Andrews asked.

“He’s okay…he doesn’t like being cooped up…he likes running, you can’t do that in here…he told me the first time we met…he likes to run…” I told him.

“And what else did he tell you when you met?” the doctor asked leaning in towards me

“He told me…I couldn’t trust anyone…no one but him…” I looked up from my hands folded in my lap. “And he was right.”