Audrina’s Patridge Family: ‘The Hills’ And ‘DWTS’ Alum Shows Us Her Reality

There’s something about Audrina Patridge.

While fans know her best from her stints on MTV’s “The Hills” and ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” Patridge’s new reality show, “Audrina,” premiered on VH1 on Sunday night, giving fans an intimate look into her Orange County home life.

Not sure what Patridge does for a living besides star in reality shows (hey, isn’t that enough)? She’s a model, and actress– she’s even been in a Carl’s Jr. commercial, making sexy with a teriyaki burger.

On Sunday’s premiere of “Audrina” we had a front row seat to Patridge’s latest bikini and lingerie calendar shoot with creepy photog, Willy. It made the burger commercial look tame.

And later it was all in the family as dad Mark, mom Lynn, and siblings Casey, 24, Marky, 22, and Samantha, 15, joined in for a rare family dinner (a camera crew on the invite list will do that to a family!). Dad capped off the evening by smashing cake in Audrina’s face, causing her to worry that she may get a zit.

Patridge, who totes around the obligatory purse dog (a teacup yorkie named Lady), also went house hunting with her brother Marky. But not without protest from her mama bear Lynn, who likes to keep her cubs close to home. Patridge argued that her mom just wants her to move back home, to which Lynn replied, “You’re lazy and your dog pisses on my carpet!”

There was a clip of Lynn’s infamous drunken rant when Audrina was voted off of “Dancing With the Stars” last season. She apologized to Audrina-profusely– for embarrassing her, and they clinked wine glasses and agreed to never talk about the incident again.

And it wouldn’t be a family reality show without a family feud. Middle sister Casey Loza looks to be the pistol on this show.

The full-sleeve tattoo emblazoned sister has appeared alongside Audrina on “The Hills” before, but now she’s married with children. For some reason (to which I’m sure we’ll find out the answer later) Lynn doesn’t like Casey’s husband, Kyle, so he stays home with the kids for this family dinner.

When Audrina dishes that she’s going to Fashion Week in New York and can take one person, Lynn and Casey fight over who will accompany her. Casey says, “Mom’s old!” She later says if her mom wasn’t her mom she probably wouldn’t get along with her at all.

As for her all-important love life, Patridge tells us she has a boyfriend back home (back at his home in Australia, that is). At the time of filming she was dating BMX rider, Corey Bohn. But alas, the two have since split.

Does that leave an opening for the return of Justin Bobby?

A new episode of “Audrina” airs on Sunday night on VH1.

Source: “Audrina,” premiere, April 17, 2011, VH1