Atlanta Goes Organic: Where to Buy?

Do you ever worry about pesticides, chemicals and now radiation in your food? Buying local and knowing where and who grew your food may be the answer that is right for you. Atlanta farmers and business owners make it easy for you to go organic. Here is how;

Whole Foods is great and everything but wouldn’t you like to know that your fruit, vegetables and meat came from your garden, a community garden or a farmer trying to make a decent living in your state?

Enter the businesses that cater to the organic eater;

Life Grocery Natural Market…


(770) 977-9583

1453 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA

Serenbe Natural Market –


(770) 463-9319

8457 Atlanta Newnan Rd, Palmetto, GA

Serenbe is a sustainable garden, farm, vacation place and neighborhood. A 1000 acre live work farm. 30 minutes south of the airport (Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Atlanta). Every Saturday at 9:00am they have a community farmers market. With locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Natures Garden Delivered:

(770) 441-9976

Heres another idea have your produce delivered right to your home or work. Choose your size box, your own frequency and even possibly save money and time if you join their co-op.

The Dekalb Farmers Market on Ponce De Leon


This is one of the oldest and largest farmers market in Atlanta and it is truly still overwhelming when you go there for your groceries, fresh fish, wine and cheese selection.

The Dekalb Farmers Market began on June 2nd, 1977 as a small 7,500 sq. ft. produce stand in Decatur, Georgia. Since that humble beginning, we have grown into a 140,000 sq. ft. true world market serving up to 100,000 people per week. The original founder and owner of the market, Robert Blazer, is still in charge of operations along with his wife, Barbara, and son, Daniel.

As the very first private farmers market of its kind in Georgia, our reputation in the industry is as a pioneer in fresh food distribution to the consumer. We are very unique in receiving direct shipments of fresh food without costly warehousing and distribution delays. The result is the highest quality, lowest cost, and largest variety of fresh and organic food products currently available.

Hit one of these great organic providers today or plant your own garden and try to become more healthy.