Atlanta Botanical Garden, a Family Paradise

Can you imagine a place so peaceful and beautiful, that allows you to become one with nature while taking you on a journey through the Tropical Rain forest and the desert, all in the same day?

Atlanta Botanical Gardens is located in Atlanta, Georgia on Piedmont Avenue, across from Piedmont Park. It originally opened in 1973 as a small place designed to help educate, research and conserve nature in its purest form. It operates keeping in mind the best interest of our environment and its visitors; including multiple trash receptacles that are individually labeled for sorting recyclable materials. It is dedicated to plants and wildlife from all around the world; not allowing tobacco of any sort in or around the facility and requiring a peaceful, calm stroll through its many different gardens.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens gives you and your family the best all natural look into all that Mother Nature has to offer, in her purest form; from what you can see and touch, to what you are allowed to eat (no outside food or drinks). Its MetroFresh in the Garden Cafe offers a seasonal menu with the freshest of ingredients, including things such as sandwiches, soups and salads. It is also equipped to cater to each individual’s diet preferences, if you have a particular one in mind. But not to worry, if you would rather save your money, simply pack a picnic lunch and a blanket and walk across the street to Piedmont Park to enjoy your own meal.

For The Kids
Atlanta Botanical Gardens partnered with Children’s HealthCare of Atlanta in September 1999 to build an amazing 2 acre children’s garden, consisting of swings, slides, water features that can be played in and much more. Kids are offered storybook time, puppets, natural craft projects, an amphitheater for watching plays and singing songs and cooking lessons; using only natural ingredients, of course. (Some activities are scheduled events). Children will be educated and entertained for hours.

For The Adults
Come follow the pathways through the Tropical Rain forest, the Desert House, through the Japanese Garden and the Southern Garden. Experience the beauty of a 60 feet in diameter plant pond displaying the beauty of plants that thrive in our waters. Come and visit the Edible Garden, where one of Atlanta’s Top Chefs will cook and demonstrate recipes, using The Garden’s freshest ingredients, in an amazing outdoor kitchen. Take a minute, or the day, to literally stop and smell the roses in, you guessed it, the Rose Garden.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a great family friendly place, without any hustle and bustle. It offers the opportunity to relax and take in a breath of fresh air. The raw beauty will amaze you and the sounds of nature will calm you…and perhaps cast a new light on the importance of this amazing place we live in: the earth.

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