Astrology of the Moon Signs Forecast May 15 ‘” 21, 2011

A softer ambience comes along this week with the influence of planet Venus as expressed through Taurus conjoining the Sun in Taurus. Mercury and Venus highlighted by Taurus conjoined with Mars a week ago. The bombastic energy of the Aries grouping that has been dominating the scene has competition, now. Taurus is a sign of the earth, and Aries is fire. Taurus is sensible, and Aries is idealistic.

The combination of these transits holds a magical essence. The high energy tension is buoyant, while the earthy sensibility and love of beauty tempers all of the above creating an easygoing atmosphere.

As previously mentioned in other articles on this page, the effect of the moon phase makes the difference between new beginnings, or diminishing energy that doesn’t have permanency. With last week’s new moon in Taurus, the new moon takeoff with a softer energy imbues a pleasant mixture of vigor and level headed temperament that affects the rest of the month.

The Moonsigns of the day describe a general mood for everyone. These days need not match anyone’s Sun Sign to be effective. The moon casts an emotional effect that affects everyone.

The times are modified depending on the hemisphere. If the Moon sign and the Sun sign match, it’s usually a perk.

Colors for the day synchronize with the moonsign mood, and are good colors to wear on the specified days. These are also good for color meditations on the coordinating days.

May 15
Libra – pink, shades of light blue or green

Astrology – A peaceful day leading into the upcoming week could be used for more planning, organizing, making meals ahead, beauty treatments, or shopping. Spending time with loved ones, and tending the garden of friendships are also in tune with the Libra’s ruler – Venus.

Gardeners: Plant flowers for fragrance and beauty

May 16, 17
Scorpio – burgundy, turquoise, dark blue
Monday, Tuesday
Full Moon on Tuesday

Astrology – Scorpio is a mysterious and sometimes dark sign. It is fecund. Blending flavors in a recipe work out well. Flirtations with significant others fit in with the Scorpio potency. The dark part may become a presence when suspicions arise. Before letting these get the best of situation, wait a few days before voicing them. If these darker thoughts remain after giving them time, then go ahead and express it during the sign of Sagittarius which is coming up next. Beauty treatments are good during Scorpio, too.

Gardeners: Stay out of the garden if possible. This time is rife for spreading disease. Normally Scorpio is a great time to transplant, but not so much when the moon is full.

May 18, 19, 20
Sagittarius – cobalt blue, purple, tan
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Astrology – A raucous party on Friday may be just the treatment the doctor ordered. Go dancing. Have a get together on any of these three days. Ask for favors. Have a candid talk with someone. For workaholics: write letters send mail, take care of communications. Baking leavened products have the extra boost of the full moon influence.

May 21
Capricorn – pink chocolate brown, black, indigo, flannel gray

Astrology – The weekend favors work tasks such as making repairs. A focus on what’s necessary may lead to balancing the checkbook, or paying bills. Get dreaded tasks out of the way.

Gardeners: Cultivate.

The Moonsign Astrology forecast is a weekly publication.