Astrology of the Moon Signs Forecast for May 8 – 14

This week’s moon sign forecast astrology begins with a family accent and follows with some leonine drama. Ending the week with three days of Libra, we have the good graces of the balancing scales to set the work week off in an orderly manner. With versatile Virgo, midweek has a blend of favorable activities.

Outer planetary news is Mars joins the sun in the sign of Taurus. Thankfully, this takes away from the extreme Aries influence, somewhat. Mars is the planet of action, and though Taurus is rather slow moving, we should have time to consider actions through a practical mind set. Mercury and Venus headed the way of earthbound Taurus favors gardening and outdoor activities. Since Taurus synchronizes with the new moon, the impact carries through for the entire lunar month.

The Moonsigns of the day describe a general mood for everyone. These days need not match anyone’s Sun Sign to be effective. The moon casts an emotional effect that affects everyone.

The times are modified depending on the hemisphere. If the Moon sign and the Sun sign match, it’s usually a perk.

Colors for the day synchronize with the moonsign mood, and are good colors to wear on the specified days. These are also good for color meditations on the coordinating days.

May 8
Cancer – light gray, soft yellow, white
Happy Mother’s Day!

Astrology – A great day to celebrate the family, and honor Mom. Cancer, a sign of the family oriented personality makes for the perfect get together.

May 9, 10
Leo – red, orange, yellow, royal blue
Monday, Tuesday
First Quarter on Monday

Astrology – If anything spruces up a Monday mood, it’s Leo. Though a fixed sign, which may require an early commute, Leo is fun and jovial. A good day to ask for favors and sign legal documents. Beauty treatments are good on these two days, as well.

May 11, 12
Virgo – white, gray, navy blue
Wednesday, Thursday

Astrology – Virgo and purity go hand in hand. Cleansing of the environment or simply washing clothes are both activities that will go with today’s patient flow. Look for misplaced items. Write, send mail. Sewing is favored today, as well.

May 13, 14
Libra – pink, shades of light blue or green
Friday, Saturday

Astrology – Libra, being a relationship oriented sign, supports gatherings and sociability. More than this, it’s a good time to beautify surroundings. Focus on organization with the help of Libra’s balancing effect.

Gardeners: Plant flowers for fragrance and beauty

The Moonsign Astrology forecast is a weekly publication.