Astrology of the Moon Signs Forecast for May 1 – 7, 2011

An active week in moon sign astrology begins with two moon sign days occupying the sign of Aries the Ram. The new moon phase conjoined with Aries, plus five planets occupying the fiery sign translates to ambitious planning. Be realistic about plans for this lunar month with the help of the sun sign Taurus, which gives an earthy, sensible cast to life for the month of May.

Of the transits in the sky, the Mercury retrograde in Aries is dissipating. Yet, communication may tend to be quick and impulsive for about a week, yet. It would still be a good idea to think out important communication beforehand. The good news is that the door is open for clear communicating and less misinterpretation. A brainstorm idea, or problem solving mentality may even come to the forefront.

By the way, the huge influence of planets lined up in Aries, which is represented by Mars, contributes to the fighting and rebellion around the world. It’s a rare situation to have this planetary arrangement, as exemplified with explosions and warfare in so many countries at this time.

On the home or work front, be very careful of accidents especially to the eyes and forehead. When cooking or baking, keep a careful watch.

Heading closer to Mother’s Day, Taurus moon visits by Tuesday. Planning a celebration has the nice focus on beauty and family. Expressing all that is lovely, recipes turn out nicely and so do plans to decorate for a get together. In any event, the midweek brings a nice opportunity to prepare for making mothers feel special.

The Moonsigns of the day describe a general mood for everyone. These days need not match anyone’s Sun Sign to be effective. The moon casts an emotional effect that affects everyone.

The times are modified depending on the hemisphere. If the Moon sign and the Sun sign match, it’s usually a perk.

Colors for the day synchronize with the moonsign mood, and are good colors to wear on the specified days. These are also good for color meditations on the coordinating days.

May 1, 2
Aries – red, white, orange, yellow
Sunday, Monday

Astrology – Aries is moving direct in Mercury now. With five planets in this fiery, idealistic sign, the energy of a new moon gives a lot of focus. Yet, the best way to tackle projects is to avoid impulse, and begin with a plan. It would be quite easy to get overwhelmed with an initial zestful burst that may lead to biting off too big of a piece. It’s important to consider the time for finishing what you start. These days are also good shopping days.

May 3, 4
Taurus – pink, pale blue & green, reddish brown, dark tan
Tuesday, Wednesday
New Moon on Tuesday

Astrology – A nice earthbound energy is like an oasis in the midst of the fiery surround. Tuning in to simple earthy tasks like preparing a nice meal, or sprucing up the home environment offers a bit of calmer energy to these two days. Beauty treatments are favored.

The Taurean energy has Venus for a ruling planet, so put creativity to good use around the home. Make preparations for Mother’s day.

Gardeners: Cultivate. Plant seeds.

May 5, 6
Thursday, Friday

Astrology – These days correspond to communication and travel. Gemini has a light airiness that lets words flow. Write letters, and send mail. Take a road trip.

May 7
Cancer – light gray, soft yellow, white

Astrology – If you took that road trip, today is perfect for a homecoming. In any event, this is a great time to be at home. Domestic activities of any kind work out well. Cooking meals that need simmering go well today. Good day for shopping. Beauty treatments are favored.

Plant above ground crops. Fertilize.

The Moonsign Astrology forecast is a weekly publication.