Astrology of the Moon Signs for May 22- 31, 2011

The all around astrological atmosphere for the month is set for the most part. The major planets are expressed through the events as seen on the nightly news. Otherwise, the cycle for the moon’s influence heads into a kind of down turn. Feeling tired during this period is normal. If goals are met, the tired feeling carries a certain pleasantry. If the hoped for accomplishments of the month aren’t fulfilled, the feeling may combine fatigue with frustration.

Carrying similarities to last month, an Aquarian influence predominates this week with three days of its occupying the first of the week. Aquarius opposes the sun, so forward motion is slowed down. Traffic congestion can be expected on these days keeping accomplishment oriented movement happening to a slower pace. The energy of humanitarian concerns becomes a well applied distraction. Sometimes a meditative state of mind is necessary to keep a well balanced perspective, and Aquarius lends the kind of energy needed for this purpose.

Pisces follows with a poetic inclination in which it is easier to listen to the muses and indulge the senses. There is a certain flow to these days leading up to the weekend, which will be action oriented in a focused direction.

The Moonsigns of the day describe a general mood for everyone. These days need not match anyone’s Sun Sign to be effective. The moon casts an emotional impact that affects everyone.

The times are modified depending on the hemisphere. If the Moon sign and the Sun sign match, it’s usually a perk.

Colors for the day synchronize with the moonsign mood, and are good colors to wear on the specified days. These are also good for color meditations on the coordinating days.

May 22
Capricorn – pink chocolate brown, black, indigo, flannel gray

astrology – An earthy focus lends to doing the necessary. Completing the weekend tasks with a serious mindset leads into the workweek.

Gardeners: cultivate and plant root crops and tubers

May 23, 24, 25
Aquarius – turquoise, violet
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Last Quarter

astrology – These are the slower days mentioned earlier. We may look toward the struggles of humanity around the world. Sending thoughts of kindness, and hope for freedom from oppression may direct the day concerning world events. These are good days to take it easy and contemplate.

May 26, 27
Pisces – ocean green, red, violet
Thursday, Friday

Pisces features an atmosphere that can be dominated by the astral plane which is where desire dwells. Indulgences in food and drink might be the tendency to avoid. Otherwise, this is a good sign for writing, especially poetry. Brewing beer or winemaking are good activities for these days. Creative visual endeavors work well under the influence of the moon in Pisces, too. Beauty treatments and scented baths rejuvenate during the last quarter diminished energy.

May 28, 29
Aries – red, white, orange, yellow

With the other planets occupying Aries, a burst of energy leads to a new moon. Avoid controversies, and all will head in a forward, productive motion. Focus on plans for Memorial Day.

Gardeners: Destroy weeds and pests

May 30
Aries – red, white, orange, yellow
Memorial Day

astrology -The great occasion to honor those who have passed on accompanies outdoor celebrations, if the weather cooperates. Expect get togethers to be active. Be cautious of using grills or fireworks.

May 31
Taurus – pink, pale blue & green, reddish brown, dark tan

astrology – A short work week also leads into a new moon phase. An afterglow of family togetherness gives a nice ambiance to the day. Focus on beauty, and family contributes to a nice beginning for the work week. Beauty treatments are favored. Traffic may be slow.

Gardeners: Cultivate. Plant root crops and tubers.

Usually the moon sign forecast is a weekly activity.