Astrology and Your Boss

It is true, choosing a boss that you can get along with is very important. Considering that we are spending longer and longer time at work, working with someone that has astrology against you can cause frustrations sometimes.

I am not really a big believer in Astrology initially; I still do not understand why some people believe nothing but just Astrology. However, based on my own personal experience at work; it is quite interesting to notice the coincidence that those who are close to me are usually from the similar astrology; and those bosses or clients that I can not get along with are also usually from the same 2 or 3 zodiacs.

By understanding what makes him or her tick astrology-wise, you’ll be a giant step ahead in the game.

Does your boss appreciate a self-starter or want to micro-manage everything to death?

Can you expect a happy, homey workplace or something more like boot camp? Keep reading to find out.

Aries (March 21 to April 19)
The Aries boss is a dynamo. He or she is used to taking charge, and usually assumes that everyone else is the same. They tend to run an office like a military barracks.

He or she is usually a direct, no-nonsense type, they you what’s needed and expects it done fast, so you may have to figure out the details on your own. Anger flashes quickly with this manager, but is just as easily forgotten; Aries bosses are known to be very fast thinking and full of energy, and this can sometimes make their colleagues feel they are always rushing to finish projects with little breaks. The positive sign is, because they are always charging ahead, businesses are often successful businesses; and they are not wishy-washy people that causes confusion.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)
Patience is a Taurus watchword ‘” they like to take things slowly, maybe too slow someti9mes. Even if it takes you longer, this boss appreciates a job done right.

Taurus has a keen eye for the bottom line, and frowns on excessive personal calls or too many visits to the copy machine. You can always count on his or her warm heart, though, as well as advice with practical problems. Some of the Taurus bosses I have worked with tend to be more stingy, they do guard their wealth and can be harsh on what they consider as unnecessary spending, such as additional pencils, copy papers, yes, they do check your receipts. They can be stubborn to, so it’s not easy to move a bull that has a fixed opinion already.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)
This boss is the original multi-tasker, talking on the phone while checking e-mail and calling out demands. My daughter is a Gemini, and I know how fast they can change and come up with new ideas, I guess they have 2 brains.

Those who can’t keep pace with Gemini’s fast-track mind can easily be left in the dust. The Twins admire intelligence and curiosity, and love to banter and exchange ideas. Usually bright and cheery, they can switch to dark and snippy at the drop of a hat. Don’t take it personally though — the Sun will come out again soon.

The frustrating part is often lack of directions from them, as they think too fast, and often issue contradictory instructions; and maybe they change their products and designs from 1 to another just in a day. They are great people to work with if they are in industries that require creativity and ideas; such as designs, fashion, retail, and marketing and of course, entertainment.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)
The Cancer boss is like Mom or Dad shepherding the flock. Consider yourself part of the family (and bring in food to share).

You’ll usually find a sympathetic ear, but you’re also expected to be loyal. Squabbling and moodiness (typical Cancer faults) are okay, but telling company secrets is not. This boss is easily overwhelmed and may need to withdraw to find his own “time-out”, this is whey they will shut their office door and ignore requests from colleagues; they do appreciate their personal time a lot, and can be moody occasionally because of their personal issues.

I had a boss, who is Cancer before, and her mood can swing considerably throughout a week, but it has nothing to do with the work.

Leo (July 23 to Aug. 22)
The key to understanding a Leo boss is that he or she is always right. Even if you know better, think twice before pointing out an error — and never do so in front of others.

The world revolves around the Lion, and even the nicest of them like to feel they’re running the show. Respect is big for this sign — defer to their authority, but don’t bow and scrape or they won’t respect you. On the plus side, this boss can inspire your true creativity.

Leo, as we know from lions, especially Male Leo bosses are “Lions” which are very proud animals, those who challenge their authority will not last their career for long, they are born to be leaders, you see a lot of military leaders in history that are Leos.

If you are the type of person who will just work as orders are issued, in another word, just a simple routine job, then Leo is very easy to work with. Respect his/her orders and bonus will come naturally.

Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22)
The Virgo boss is a stickler for details, and likes to run a tidy shop. Punctuality and accuracy are considered virtues. Disorder makes Virgo nervous — this sign likes to have control over its environment. But the Virgin also likes to be of service, and won’t hesitate to help you with whatever you need, even if it means micro-managing from time to time.

The male & female Virgos are quite different. Female Virgo is especially down to details, I know that as my wife is a Virgo, they are great in fields like financial services, accounting, legal, or other industries that require attention to details. They do not like messiness and will judge your ability based on how clean your desk or cubicles are, making sure you take your garbage out at the end of each day and clean your desks, as messiness means untrustworthiness.

Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22)
Justice is vital to your Libra boss. He or she will strive for fairness in both distribution of the workload and how each person is treated, regardless of gender or rank. Likewise, this boss will expect the same from you. Possessed of a keen mind and strong negotiation skills, he or she won’t stand for spreading rumours or bad vibes.

My mother is a Libra, and she will always have a balanced view on everything, some will argue that the world is an unfair world anyway, but Libra bosses do not think so. The good news is they are not prejudiced people, are good tempered; as they spend time analysing what situation is the balanced-situation.

They may find areas that your works can be improved, but will discuss with you how they can improve instead of being highly critical. They are generally good bosses to work with, but can spend too much time analysing all the time without making a decision.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21)
This boss is an enigma. Outwardly friendly and seemingly open, Scorpio is wary of revealing his or her trues self and tends to distrust others more than others, having been betrayed in the past.

A great manager of people and wielder of power, the Scorpion sees straight through you to your hidden motives. Therefore, be open and honest at all times to avoid getting stung.

I had 2 ex-bosses who were Scorpions, as long as you understand their nature, then you will be OK, I was working in a bank initially, my ex-boss would stay back at the end of each day just checking through client details; therefore, be honest or you will get stung one day in front of everybody else.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)
The Archer is a fun boss, as long as you honour his or her opinions. Sagittarius loves a spirited discussion, but also likes to win the debate. The worst of them are know-it-alls who’ll go on forever, wasting your time.

But the best are truly inspirational and can function as a guide or mentor for you, long after you’ve left the company. You can pick this person’s brain for wisdom, as they are usually well travelled and know a great deal.

This is one particular zodiac I had problems working with in the past, then I realized that while they wanted to discuss topics with you; they still need to be in charge somewhat and not wanting to be challenged, and they want to be different from others.

Try to have more precise conversations with them, and know how to exit a negotiation or discussion quickly; sometimes this means just to let they win the debate and move on.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19)
The word “boss” may have been coined for a Capricorn, as this sign naturally rises to a position of authority and likes telling people what to do, indeed, many politicians, police ministers are actually Capricorn people; showing their personalities towards power.

This person has a warm, fatherly (or motherly) quality, but they aren’t always sensitive to subtleties. Ask clearly for what you need.

Capricorns are hard workers and can be demanding sometimes; but they are not as stubborn as many thought; but little things like running late in meetings or early traffic jams would not impress them at all, and they always want to set the meetings much earlier than others. It is common to have “Breakfast Meetings” at 7am!

Aquarius (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18)

The Aquarius boss prides him or herself on being cutting-edge. But when it comes right down to it, you may find this person a bit rigid or unyielding.

Most Water-bearers thrive on being team players, though, and will come around if they see they’re the odd man or women. Aquarians may seem detached or downright chilly sometimes, but they’re just lost in their own little worlds. That’s how they come up with those genius ideas.

For some colleagues, they complain they do not understand what Aquarius bosses are thinking, and can lead to confusing decisions as well.

Pisces (Feb. 19 to March 20)

Well, I am a Piscean myself and I can talk about myself both from being a boss and as a colleague perspective, They are usually nice people and do not mind too much in little details such as running late for meetings or if you really need to take a day off for personal break.

But do not treat them as fools and try to take advantages, Fish bosses are smart people; while they may not seen organized, they have abilities to consume and retain very large amount of data in their brain. So one day, they can turn around and trace all the times you have not worked according to schedule, or running late..etc; if you have tried to miss work too many times.

The Fish will appreciate it if you help them stay organized, though, as it’s not their strong suit; so if you can find a system or process that can help me to organize my works or projects, then you will be rewarded.