Assorted Shrugs Anyone Can Make

I’m not sure who first came up with the term “shrug” for a shoulder wrap. A shrug is a term that could mean anything from a short sweater to a demure shawl. The shrug has become quite popular. You can wear one type that keeps you warm in the winter but another type that simply wraps around your shoulders. The wrap-around kind are so easy to make that it’s crazy. If you can sew, you can make many different types; if you can’t sew you can still get in on the shrug craze!

A shoulder shrug can be made from many different types of fabric. Lace, satin, stretch knit – they’re all good choices. You just have to decide what kind of shrug you want. For example, if you have a little black dress – a strapless number – a shrug that wraps around the shoulders, and that has the ends meeting at the chest, can actually look like part of the dress. So, you can instantly change the entire look of that outfit. But, you can make a different shrug that wraps around the shoulders and that has the ends meeting on the side of one shoulder, and then has extra fabric hanging. Any of these are really easy to make.

Wrap a tape measure around yourself, while your arms are down to your side, and take the tape measure around the top shoulder area. If you want the shawl to just fit, add an extra inch. Cut the width to be the size you want. The width can go from the top part of the arm, all the way to near the elbow, or can go from the top part of the arm to just a few inches down the arm.

If the fabric is stretchy, and you want to make a shrug that just fits, hem it along both long sides. Fold it in half, with right sides together, and align the two short ends. Sew across the two short ends and the shrug is finished. With this design you slide it over your head. You can cover the area where the ends are sewn by sewing on a bow, fabric flower or other notion.

If you prefer a wrap-around, hem both long ends and both short ends. This shrug can be wrapped around the shoulders and pinned in place with a brooch.

If you can’t sew at all, lay the fabric on a table. Roll one long end towards the center then do the same thing to the opposite side so that they meet in the middle. At each end, tie a large knot in the fabric. This shawl can be wrapped around, the knotted ends pinned over at one shoulder, and extra fabric – along with the knots – left to hang several inches. Or, pin it so the excess hangs in the front.

Shrugs are popular because they can often be worn any time of year, depending on the design you have. You can make all sorts of summer shrugs by wrapping them around you so that the ends meet at your chest or at a shoulder. Make still more by adding fabric flowers, brooches or other things to make each one look different. No matter which design you wear it will look fabulous!