Assorted Play Candies for a Girl’s Kitchen

What you’ll need:
Felt or cloth
Sucker sticks or wooden skewers
Cellophane wrappers
Assorted items from around the house
Tape, string, ribbon or rubber bands

I can remember way back when I was a young girl. My sisters and I would play for hours in our pretend kitchen which was set up on our front porch. We had it going on in there! We had our fake stove, fake refrigerator and we even had a table and chairs so our siblings could sit down and have a fake meal. Our little kitchen saw a lot of business, that’s for sure.

Does your little girl have a pretend kitchen? Did you know there are many things for her kitchen that you can make yourself? For instance, you can make a table by turning a cardboard box upside-down and cutting half-oval shapes out of each side. Now kids’ chairs can be scooted under the new table.

If your little girl has a play kitchen, but not much to play with, there are lots of foods and things you can make for her – like candies and other goodies. One easy thing to make is a lollipop. For these, start with three different colors of felt. Cut a large, medium and a small circle – one from each color. Lay the largest circle on a flat surface and glue a sucker stick to it. Add a little glue to one end of the stick then set it in the center of the felt circle. Apply glue to the backside of the medium circle and center it on the large circle, trapping the sucker stick between the two layers of felt. Glue the small circle on top of the medium one. To make the suckers from colorful cloth, use two circles – glued so that their wrong sides are facing – to replace each felt circle.

It’s easy to make assorted, wrapped candies by using things you have around the house along with pieces of cellophane. Take a cotton ball or two, place them on a cellophane, wrap them then twist the ends. You can secure the ends with small rubber bands, tiny pieces of tape or you can wrap ribbons around them, tie them in knots, then trim the ends short.

Another wrapped candy you can make uses a broken crayon. Lay it on the cellophane piece, roll the wrapper around it, and secure the ends. Other things you can use to make wrapped candies include a marble, a broken pencil, wadded yarn or fabric, Styrofoam peanuts or other shapes, bottle caps, small spools of thread, balls of foil and many other things. Make sure that the cellophanes you choose have dark colors, when needed, to conceal the actual object inside.

Your little girl will love her pretend kitchen even more now that she has lots of treats to serve her guests. When possible, wrap real gumballs, gumdrops and similar things so she can occasionally serve her guests real treats!