Assorted Desks Anyone Could Build

So, you’ve finally gotten that house you’ve always wanted. Maybe you don’t have all the things you’ll need to fill it right at the moment, but, it’s coming, it’s coming. Some people have to sacrifice in order to buy their first home but it’s well worth it. For now, you might have to keep your clothes stacked in baskets until you can get a new dresser. Or, maybe you’ll have to turn a cardboard box upside-down and cover it to make a bathroom table. You’ll get by. In the meanwhile, where are you going to set up your desk? No desk? That’s okay. You might not know this but you can easily build a desk that will work for now, and, in fact, you might love the desk so much you’ll just keep it!

Chances are that you don’t have every single thing you need to build an easy desk, but it sure is a simple process to get everything. If you have an end table, coffee table or similar object – one that has ordinary legs – you’re nearly all the way there! But, there’s just a 50-50 chance that you have the last part of the puzzle: bed risers. If you have bed risers – and that table – you’ve got a nice laptop desk.

Bed risers are sold at discount department stores and at some home improvement retailers. They’re made to lift your bed a little higher than it is. We won’t get in to geometry, but they’re somewhat cube-shaped, the bottom as well as the top are square, but the top is a smaller square than the bottom. So, they taper towards the top. The top is recessed so that, when used in the normal manner, a bed leg is placed into the recessed area and, therefore, the legs won’t slide. These risers are not expensive and are perfect for building your homemade desk. They come in a pack of four for under ten bucks.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the rest. Simply set four risers on the floor and stand the coffee table or other legged object on them. The great thing about the risers is that, if your coffee table desk isn’t high enough, you can just stack another riser onto each of the existing ones. Do this until the stacks are tall enough to accommodate you.

The risers are also helpful in other ways. Keep from having to bend so much by placing things on the risers, like footlockers, cedar chests and bookcases. Make sure you support these things in the middle as well as at the corners.

With the risers so inexpensive, and the desk so easy to build, you’ll have your desk within minutes of coming back from the store – if you even have to go to the store!