Assorted Candle Holder Cake Toppers

Weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries – as soon as you’re finished with one special occasion it seems like another is rapidly approaching. It can get expensive and challenging to keep coming up with new things so that each special occasion presents different decorations, food and cake than a previous event. Sure, if you’re a fabulous chef or baker, you’d have no trouble making something new each time, but for ordinary people, it can be a huge undertaking with each new occasion. If, at the next event, you find things a little lacking you can perk up the look at the party with fancy cakes and cupcakes. The desserts will be easy, but the finished look spectacular, when you make any number of unique cake or cupcake toppers.

Cupcakes look luscious when you top them with silk flowers. You’ll save money if you buy packs of flowers which have no stems. The way silk flowers are assembled is that the petal pieces have a hole in the middle, and after the pieces are stacked, a plastic piece is inserted and attached underneath. Simply remove the plastic piece and you’ll have what you need to make the cake toppers. Clip out the plastic, remove top and bottom plastic pieces, then slide a birthday-type candle into the hole of the petals. Push the candle into the cake and the look is complete. Long, slender candles work best for this cake topper design. Do not allow the candle to burn all the way down to the flower.

When you buy a sheet of beeswax from a craft store you can make toppers which are initials or monograms, hearts, stars or other designs. Use cookie cutters or even a craft knife to cut out the shapes you want. Cut two shapes, lay a wick on one of them, then lay the other shape over the wick. Make sure that, when you set the wick, part of it is sticking out from the first shape. Press the two shapes together and stand the candle on the cake. Make the candles more substantial by adding two more shapes, and two more, and so forth.

Some candies and other foods make great candle holders on their own, and therefore, fabulous cake toppers. Meringue drops are one of the nicest shaped candies you can use. Purchase them by the bag then push candles into them. Create a totally different look by using donut holes as candle holders. Other candies and foods you can use include marzipan fruit, licorice or even raspberries.

Cut foil paper shapes and you can create anything from stars to hearts to flowers. Cut two or three different sizes of paper for each candle, punch a hole in the center, then slide the candle through.

It’s amazing how many common and ordinary things you can use to make gorgeous candle holders which serve as the cake toppers. Use any of the ones above for single cupcakes or huge cakes. They’ll look stunning!