Asking a Girl Out

If you are like many men out there, asking a girl out can be hard and intimidating. The fear of rejection often prevents us from ever taking that chance to ask a girl out. Some guys seem to do it effortlessly. Here are some tips to help you ask a girl out.

Get to know her first.

You will more than likely have to get the girl to trust you at least on some level. If you go to school or work, take the time to talk to her in between classes, or on your lunch break. Even if you just met the girl in the super market or cafe, you will still have to have some kind of engaging conversation with her before you ask her out. People tend
to trust others that they can have a meaningful conversation with. So make sure your conversation with the girl has some depth or meaning. Simply talking about the weather will not build a lot of trust with her. Meaningful conversations will usually involve questions about her past, or her future. Talking about her present may not have
as much effect as the latter two.

Hang out with her casually first.

If you and the girl of interest have mutual friends, there could be opportunities to go out at night in the same group. If you do get the chance to go out with a group, make sure you do not make it obvious that all your attention is focused on her. You want to talk to everybody in the group. This will also help your chances of getting her to like
you because girls tend to like guys who are sociable, outgoing, and can get along with a lot of different people. Do make sure that you send flirting signals her way though, and always make sure you are not doing anything to land you in the friend zone.

Ask her out creatively.

You do not have to be plain or straightforward in your approach to asking a girl out; Try some fun or different ways. You may have to use your imagination a little bit, but if you can be creative, a girl will have fun with the proposal. Try these suggestions

1. give her a fake ring in a box and make it dramatic. say, “will you go out with me?” Girls watch so many movies with proposals, and the instant response to that kind of

question format is, yes. Saying yes to a proposal is a response that is already conditioned into our American culture.

2. Call her and act very scared. Give her a humorous life and death scenario, and tell her the only way out is if she goes out with you.

3. Tell her happy birthday. When she tells you it is not her birthday, tell her, “Oh! Well, do you still want to go out with me anyway?” Note: In the off chance it actually IS her birthday, proceed to just ask her out and try not to act confused.

Asking a girl out can be hard, but it is something that you can do. The worst she can do is reject you, in which case, you can still be her friend. Just show your charm and charisma, and work up the courage needed.