Ashton Kutcher: Great Funny Replacement for Charlie Sheen

Ashton Kutcher, 33, has been given a great acting opportunity: replacing Charlie Sheen on the critically acclaimed TV hit Two and a Half Men. With Charlie Sheen seemingly losing his sophistication and coolness, CBS had to hire another suave and urbane celebrity to replace Sheen and Kutcher certainly was the most appropriate choice.

With news that Kutcher would replace Sheen and earn approximately $1 per episode, I am beginning to wonder who else would have been a good choice to co-star along with Jon Cryer. Before I name the celebrities, it must be noted that the former Sheen role was focused on a character who was a ladies’ man, attractive, and nonchalant. Realizing this, the male celebrities that would have been great, but probably not as good, are John Stamos, Will Arnett, Topher Grace and my new favorite actor from Raising Hope– Garret Dillahunt. Another interesting choice would be the great Italian actor Michael Imperioli.

Since Kutcher has been given the great honor to replace Sheen, I do expect continued success and critical acclaim for the hit series. Kutcher was great, charming and certainly goofy on That ’70s Show and has appeared in many successful films throughout the years. To Kutcher’s credit, his best films were Cheaper by the Dozen, Guess Who, What Happens in Vegas, and No Strings Attached. Kutcher has also produced several films and television shows and among the most notable are My Boss’s Daughter, Room 401, and Killers.

As for Ashton Kutcher’s acting, Kutcher is still young and certainly not a great actor, but he will attract fans and followers for Two and a Half Men. Kutcher’s relationship with Demi Moore and his boyish looks may also attract fans for the television show. What Kutcher lacks in acting, he will certainly make up for that with his celebrity stardom and his household name.

My predictions for Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher are that the comical television show will either drastically improve in ratings or the audience will only slightly decrease. The most likely result is that the show will benefit and garner viewers from Charlie Sheen publicity about the show, millions of Americans might have missed the show, and Kutcher’s character will probably attract females of all ages.


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