Ashley Meets a Masked Man, a Drunk Man, and the Rest of the Bachelors

Episode 1 Recap

Ashley’s back and gone are her insecurities and fears- at least for the first episode. She admitted that she spent too much time in her head and didn’t go with the moment, which led to the breakup with Brad. She’s forged ahead and is ready to let her guard down and fall in love.

The season usually begins with highlighting a few of the bachelors. This season we were treated to a look at nine bachelors in their own element.

Ryan– He started solar energy company with friends and now has over 600 employees. He wants to find the perfect person.

JP– He lives in New York City and works as a construction manager. He’s ready to find love.

Aames– He went to Yale for his undergraduate work. He went to Columbia for two master’s degrees. He went to Harvard for his Ph.D. He has participated in 39 marathons. No wonder he’s single. When does he have time to date? Although he deserves a bonus since he wanted Ashley as the next bachelorette.

Ben C.- He’s a lawyer in New Oreleans and plays the piano. He wants ideal love and considers himself a romantic. In fact, on a scale of 1-10 on romanticism, he gives himself a 15. Is Tenley still attached to Kip? Ben C. sounds like he’d be a sweet Disney Prince to her Disney Princess persona.

Ben F– He’s a winemaker from California. His parents had a wonderful marriage, until his father passed away. He’s ready to find love. He likes cultured women and is a total brunette guy.

Bentley– He’s a father to a little girl. He’s been divorced 1 ½ years. He wanted Emily to be bachelorette. Are the alarms going off in your head? Mine too.

Anthony– He’s a 4th generation butcher from New Jersey. He wants a girl that’s full of life. Interesting that he’s a butcher, since he seems like the stereotypical meathead- to the point of being cartoonish.

West– His wife passed away from a seizure a couple of years ago. He’s ready to date again.

William– No luck Chuck. He feels like a stepping stone for past girlfriends- they always found marriage with the person they dated after him. I think there’s a movie about that. An umbrella scene was shown where the wind bent his umbrella in the wrong direction. He lost father to alcoholism.

The Drama Begins

Ashley hasn’t even met the bachelors yet, but she has heard a friend about one of the bachelors already. One of the bachelorettes who was on Brad’s show with her called and let her know that Bentley was going on to advertise his business. Shocker. I thought all of these guys went on to find true love. Chris said they never had drama before the limo arrived. At least that’s something that won’t be recycled on this season.

Time for Ashley to Meet the Bachelors

Ashley looked sensational in a glittery, body hugging gown.

Ryan P.- He’s the first one out of the limo. Ashley gave him a hug. “Brad’s loss is his gain.”

Jon- Ashley likes his tie. Picks Ashley up and carries her away to go “straight to the honeymoon.”

Lucas- Ashley said he smelled good. He told her he’s a hugger.

William- He told her he thought of a thousand things he wanted to say to her, and couldn’t think of one. She had to ask him his name.

Mickey- He told her he had something for her from all the men in America. She said, “Please don’t slap me.” He tried to give her a kiss, but she practically did a backbend to get out of it. I guess that dance experience paid off at this moment.

Tim- He stood and looked at her after he exited the limo. She asked him what the pause was for and he he just stared at her. Awkward. He told her he’s a hugger and gave her a hug.

Ben C.- He spoke to her in French, and told her he hopes she gives him a chance, to explain why he knows French so well.

Stephen- She loves his hair.

Chris D.- He did a little rap for her that he made up- or was made up by someone in production.

West- He gave her a broken compass stuck on West.

Anthony- He stepped out of the limo and checked out his appearance in the window. Ashley made a point of mentioning it.

Rob- He told her he didn’t have any crowns for her to point out.

Ames- He gave her two ballet tickets for a future date.

Matt- He taught her a handshake. I wonder if that was another one of those production gimmicks.

Jeff- Phantom of the Opera began playing. He stepped out of the limo wearing a mask. He told her he wanted to take his face out of the game and have her learn about what’s inside. Comments were made about the mask when he went inside.

Ben F.- He brought her a bottle of wine that he made and two glasses. “To new beginnings.” He told her he was nervous and brushed his teeth like eight times.

Frank- He kissed her hand. He picked her up and danced around holding her. She’s a dancer and he didn’t even give her a chance to dance with him!

Michael- He told her it was the first time he was ever excited to see a dentist.

Chris M.- He told her he’s from Canada and that she’s gorgeous.

Ryan M.- He told her he’s a big fan of The Bachelor. He brought a camera and took pictures of them together and asked her to take one of him and Chris Harrison. Who let this guy on here?

JP- He told her he has no props, just him and his smile.

Nick- He wrote a poem for her. She called him a comedian as well as a poet.

Blake- He told her he’s excited to get to know her.

Bentley- She told him she was nervous to meet him. She made a face when he was walking inside.

Constantine- He tied a piece of pink dental floss around her finger to remember him.

Highlights of the Night

Matt called his mother so she could talk to Ashley. She told them to use protection in the fantasy sweet.

Rob grabbed her attention by strumming a guitar when she was talking to three men. She talked about how she has always wanted to be serenaded. When they sat down, he threw the guitar in the pool and told her it was a ploy to get her attention.

Tim made some negative comments to Jeff about his the mask. Later he took off his jacket and tried to start a fight with Jeff. Jeff was man enough to walk away.

Ben C. used poster boards to get her attention. She loved his energy.

William impersonated different characters for her. It was hysterical.

Tim was drunk when she went to talk to him. He could barely speak and she didn’t understand what he was saying because he was slurring his speech so badly.

Ashley found Tim passed out drunk and snoring loudly. She tried to wake him to no avail. She asked a few of the guys to help her get him to a van out front, where she evicted him from the show.

She had a conversation with Jeff about his mask. He sold her on it. I wonder how much the show paid him to wear it. He took a lot of heat from the guys for wearing it.

JP told her that a boss called him “Cupcakes” because he brought in cupcakes to work one time, instead of doughnuts. She told him that the man she marries would call her, “Cupcake.” She told the camera she didn’t know if he would be the one to call her that.

She had a conversation with Bentley. She said he would be a frontrunner if she didn’t have the gossip weighing on her.

She gave Ryan the first impression rose.Bentley said he wanted it because he was very competitive, even though he wasn’t attracted to her.

Men who received roses- Jeff (masked guy,) Constantine, Ben F., Lucas, Stephen, Matt (Seriously? After he called his mother? What was she thinking??,) Nick, Chris D., Ryan M. (Fan Dude- he needs to like her on Facebook instead of date her on the show. ), Blake, Mickey, Ben C., West, William, JP, Ames, Bentley.

Men sent packing- Anthony, Rob, Jon, Frank, Mike, Chris M., and of course the lush of the night- Tim.

Anthony was pissed off, but hopes one of the guys can make her happy, especially if she wants to marry a masked man.

Rob was crushed and wanted to show the grandkids how they met one day.

Jon saw her on The Bachelor and thought Ashley was the one.

Highlights of the season were shown. It looks like it’s going to be a fun season with a vivacious bachelorette, as she travels with the men around the world.

The show ended with William performing hysterical impersonations.