As US Budget Debate Continues, Where Does the Real Responsibility Lie?

Any political battle as large and public as a government shutdown will without a doubt favor whichever political party is in the Whitehouse at the time. This is simply because the President of the United States has more access to the media than anyone else and can use that access to express his point of view and convince the American public that it is what needs to be done for the greater good of the country. Should a shutdown occur, you can be sure that President Obama will be front and center telling everyone how this is only happening because the evil republicans are asking for cuts into the entitlement programs that Americans have become accustomed to having. He will shift the debate from the fiscal responsibility that is necessary to prevent our country from collapsing under financial stress and make it all about the feel good programs that will be cut by the evil Republicans.

Unfortunately, this is a battle that the conservitave voices in American cannot hope to win. The liberal leaning mainstream media will work hard to support the Presidents message and air countless stories showcasing how these cuts will effect the American public. They will locate and exploit stories about sick children, the elderly and the disabled to highlight the negative impact that any reduction in government entitlement programs will have on their lives. How are the Republicans supposed to respond to this? It isn’t like they can stand up and say yes, we know that is going to happen, and we are ok with children going hungry because we need a balanced budget to protect our children’s children. This is why the Republicans need to employ an vastly different tactic when debating the budget in the media with the liberal democrats and President Obama.

The Republicans, along the any conservitave media personalities, need to continually stress that this debate should not be happening now in the first place. This is not the 2012 budget that we are discussing, this is the 2011 budget that should have been passed last year. Last year when both houses of congress, as well as the Whitehouse where controlled by the democrats. “If the Democrats had done their job and passed the budget when it should have been passed, we would not be having this debate today.” “The Democrats had a complete majority when the budget should have been passed, had they passed the budget on time, we would be discussing the 2012 budget right now with months to go before it absolutely needs to be passed.” These are they types of statements that need to be made whenever a Republican member or congress gets in front of a microphone.

This is one argument that the conservitaves just might be able to win with the American public.