Article Writing Examples: How to Find Free Article Writing Tips

I have been writing online for many years and recently discovered that many other writers just starting out have no idea how to format articles and create content for online use. From my own experience, article writing examples are the best resource for article writing tips. Even if you have been writing for offline sources for a long time, there is a lot to l earn about successful article writing online.

You need a clean format that welcomes readers into the page and which is easily skimmed for content. Your keywords need to be well chosen and artfully woven in so they are not obvious yet are sufficient for SEO.

You don’t know what SEO is? Look up “search engine optimization” and start learning. You can’t do article writing online effectively without at least a basic understanding of SEO.

The topic needs to be well chosen and then tightly focused on one idea or subject. The best article writing tips for beginners will always stress the importance of ensuring every word has a purpose within the overall text.

The best way to learn all of these things as well as many other top article writing tips is to read a lot of article writing examples online. The catch is that not all article writing examples are high quality.

You have to find article writing examples that are written for the search engines while still being an interesting, useful read to real people.

Scope out the Competition

The best way to find high quality article writing examples is to scope out the biggest competitors for your own websites and blogs. This would ideally be done before you even select the URL for your blog or website, but late is better than never.

Find websites and blogs that are tightly related to the focus of your own sites and use their content as your article writing examples. Article writing online involves a lot more than just writing articles for the directories. A lot of the articles produced by freelancers are used on websites, either as basic page content or in an article directory on the site used for visitor information and SEO.

Look at the differences between the content on each site and compare them in terms of the visitors each site receives and how successful they are at pulling in loyal fans and paying customers. Take away valuable article writing tips by using the content from the most successful sites as your article writing examples.

What keywords are they targeting? How are the keywords spread out across all pages of the website? How do they work those keywords into image tags and video clips? How do they form titles for their content?

Remember, article writing even involves naming the site, the pages, and all images and video content on the site.

Study Content Sites

Just reading websites that collect content from a variety of skilled writers can help you find some of the best article writing tips. Stay away from low quality content mills used mainly by marketers and pull your article writing examples from high quality sites like the Yahoo Contributor Network and HubPages.

With these article writing examples, pay attention to how the articles are formatted with subtitles, links, bolding, lists, and so forth. Also pick up article writing tips by noticing the very tight focus of every article.

Bookmarking Sites

You can find some of the highest quality article writing examples by browsing sites like Stumble Upon. This site allows you to select subjects that you are interested in learning more about and then simple hit a button to flip through web pages on those subjects that have been suggested by others.

This is a fast way to go through a large number of article writing examples surrounding a particular topic or niche. You will see many different writing styles and different ways of formatting a website. Every page can give you article writing tips that will help you form your own articles and website content.