Arroyo Vista Inn: South Pasadena, CA

Pasadena California has plenty of history and sweeping vistas; history and picturesque views are two things on the agenda at my next destination. Our travels took us to South Pasadena California and Arroyo Vista Inn. Nestled on a very steep and narrow driveway overlooking downtown Los Angeles, Arroyo Vista promises old world hospitality with a modern touch. Getting away from it all while being so close to a major city like Los Angeles is one thing and sweeping vistas are nice, but what about the beds? How can old world style pamper the modern traveler? Let’s head on inside Arroyo Vista Inn and see if this is somewhere that you should sleep here now.

The rooms at Arroyo Vista were all very nicely appointed; many of them with deck landings or porch areas where guests could take an evening cordial or just bask in the lovely views of the sprawling City of Angels below. The wireless signal was strong and this showerhead in the bathroom was unusually powerful. I must admit I can’t recall a time when a showers strength had so royally bested me. The only thing I will say in criticism about the rooms is that the bathroom door in the room we were in at Arroyo Vista had a window with frosted glass, so the images were somewhat transparent.

Breakfast at Arroyo Vista was something of a mixed bag. The fresh fruit was very tasty and the single service coffee maker afforded the indecisive coffee drinker the ability to have a bold cup of coffee one morning and a mild, flavored, or decaf cup of coffee another morning. However the egg-bake dishes we had the two days we were there were just so-so. The broccoli egg quiche had bacon bits among other things inside of it and the Mediterranean egg dish was very spicy and definitely for a certain temperament. However innkeeper Pat was not there on both days we were there as she was lain up with a cold so I’ll take it on her word that breakfast may not have been what it usually is when we were there.

After a relaxing nights rest we had to get going. Arroyo Vista Inn is a fantastic destination for the chain hotel weary traveler who is out and about in the Los Angeles area. Arroyo Vista really strikes a good balance between old world comforts and modern day devices. The suite I stayed in had a four poster bed, comfortable desk and reading lamp, and a comfortable, classic lounge chair. However the room also had great WiFi, electronic temperature control, and explosive extension shower arm for maximum cleaning comfort. The amazing views of the city from the oversized windows didn’t hurt our enjoyment of the space either.