Arnold Schwarzenegger Sucks

Okay, it’s my turn to weigh in on the Arnold Schwarzenegger baby daddy controversy. Before you judge me on my sophomoric title, hear me out. I believe I have authority to do so, since I am a tax paying citizen who lives in The Golden State of Cali-FOR-nia (pretend The Governator just articulated that).

See, back in 2003, I was barely a year in as a new resident of California, and very much a Democrat. I had just moved from Chicago and I packed my liberal politics in my suitcase when I transplanted to a bedroom community outside of Los Angeles. I was studying for my California teaching credential and was just making sense of my new western surroundings when all of sudden… the recall of former Governor Gray Davis was the buzz of the state and was saturating over all of the news outlets on television, the internet, you name it. So, true to form of my confrontational personality, I joined a local Democratic Party group and started retaliating from what I found to be an unnecessary use of tax payers’ time and effort on this recall operation. Along the way, I met some new sympatico political friends and we met in the detached garage of the condo I was renting and started Sharpie markering up some signs to protest the recall. Schwarzenegger was to make an appearance at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds in Lancaster, California and we were on detail to protest the recall at the intersection of such and such– where his motorcade would be filing through on his way to some political event, posturing his election campaign.

Well, I put my former advertising industry techniques to use in the form of some memorable protest taglines: a banner stating “Total Recall” (with painter’s tape crossing out the word “recall”) and “Eggs Benedict Arnold”– that one was a winner with a fellow protester, as he proclaimed to me– “Wow, that’s not a double entendre– it’s a TRIPLE entendre!”

Apparently, when we were out on the scene protesting, I was taking a break from holding my “Eggs Benedict Arnold” sign and outsourced it to someone else to hold for me, while I snacked on a bag of Fritos,… but that was the time when Schwarzenegger’s car rolled past, and I was told that he had a good chuckle from my word play, at his expense!

* * * * *

Fast forward to the present,

My heart and girl power goes out to Maria Shriver, not because I’m a MAJOR Kennedy fan… but because I am a woman and I respect her as a fellow woman. I feel HORRIBLE for her. And I’ve heard all sides of it: “She knew what she was getting into! She’s a Kennedy woman!” and “She must have known about it,… but now she can conveniently defect from that marriage,… since he’s no longer governor.” Still, this woman gave a quarter of a century to a marriage… and many years beyond that in a union with a man who, ultimately, betrayed her. Aside from betraying Maria, Arnold betrayed his children.

Eggs Benedict Arnold, indeed.