Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s Adultery and the Culture of Gender Hierarchy

I really feel sad for the morality of our country and for our selective amnesia. Why do people seem so surprised that Arnold Schwarzenegger had sex with a member of his household staff? His actions are no difference than those of the founding forefathers of America nor is it different for those who we credit as being the elite pillars of our early society. The Bible has dozens of stories about the sexual treatment of women, men ravaged enslaved women and sought women that had not been known to lay with man, Julius Caesar took them, Thomas Jefferson took Sally Hemmings, Chuck Connors took Kizzy in the movie Roots, and the list is endless. Slave-owners had sex with the maids in their homes and those that worked in their fields most often with the transparency of their actions in the eyes of their wives. There action was not called raped because a white man in that era could not rape a black woman; how could one rape a piece of property?

The sexual appetite of men in power not only in America but throughout the world has always been at the cost of women who were economically, ethnically, culturally or other wise considered not worthy of a walk down the aisle but more than sufficient to fulfill their sexual desires. It was not until the 1970’s and the efforts of the feminist movement and the National Organization for Women (NOW) that the rights of women in this country to prosecute and not be persecuted men who abused them sexually were legally established and socially accepted and embraced. Our own country’s history includes a stigma and blame to women that reported sexual abuse or assault. In some measure to this day, many cases of rape and sexual abuse go unreported for fear of embarrassment to and self blame of the victim. The high profile case of International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn currently in the news and the fact that he states that his alleged rape of a maid that is of Muslim faith was consensual speaks to the residue of our sexual gender hierarchy.

Let us look at the mistakes and choices of others and focus our attention on learning and not repeating their mistakes. Get real people our morality and our future is going to hell in super sonic speed, these blogs are but a part of my effort to make some difference. All of us are human, make mistakes and have regret, the lesson is to learn, grow, make a change and pay it forward. An endorsement of this opinion is neither sought nor desired, only to stir up your thinking. My request of you is to think about it, for God’s sake, for the children’s sake, for our country’s sake and for the sake of our world, do something about it. If we change ourselves one a time, we can change our world.