Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver Announce Surprising Separation

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have been a power couple in Hollywood and in politics. But as Schwarzenegger heads back to Hollywood after his time as California governor came to an end, it appears that his marriage hasn’t survived the transition. According to the Los Angeles Times, the couple is planning to separate after 25 years, various twists and turns, and several groping allegations against the ex-governor.

The match defied many conventions, as Schwarzenegger first met Shriver in 1977, when he was still best known as a body builder and she was best known as Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s daughter. But after nine years, the two got married in 1986 at the height of The Terminator‘scareer.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver came from different ends of the political spectrum: He was a Republican while Shriver came from the Kennedys, the Democrats’ most famous family. But the political aspect of their lives didn’t define them until the 2003 California governor’s race.

In that madcap time, their marriage faced a major test when several women accused Schwarzenegger of groping them in the past. Yet Shriver continued to campaign for her husband, which paid off in his ultimate victory.

Eight years later, the former governor is returning to life as a private citizen and movie star. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he recently signed onto his first starring role since taking office in the action-drama Cry Macho. In addition, he was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago, where he announced he was developing a new cartoon series called “The Governator.”

Clearly, the actor/politician is entering a busy third act for himself as he tries to re-stake a claim in Hollywood. Therefore, it makes the timing of a potential divorce all the more noteworthy, as it is the surest sign that he and Shriver are starting over again.

According to the Times, Shriver already moved out a few weeks ago while they “determine the next step in their marriage.” While her husband has his own new projects, Shriver is also keeping busy with her women’s empowerment website and promotion of Alzheimer’s research. The Times also noted that she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring in a YouTube video for her followers in late March, so the signs may have been there all along.

After 25 years of marriage, and almost 35 years of being together, it stands to wonder why Schwarzenegger and Shriver are splitting up now. They’ve survived the ringers of Hollywood and politics for decades, yet now that “The Governator’s” term is over, it appears they may have nothing left.

Their joint statement for the Times insisted that this is “a private matter,” but little from their marriage has been private before. However, they seemed to have successfully endured it all until Monday night’s announcement.


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