Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver and Other Scandals

Well, Well, what’s new? Another celebrity/politician that cheated on his wife! I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, about the (not-so-surprising) affair that is heating up the headlines. Arnold “the terminator” Schwarzenegger has joined the ranks of his perfidious, womanizing peers. He had an affair, he fathered a child with his housekeeper/mistress, he paid her off, yada, yada, yada, and we’ve heard it all before. Ok, so why am I bothering to write about this? Well, because I am sick and tired of hearing about “the women” in these doomed for failure relationships, that stand by their men! The wife is always the one who gets hit the hardest by their spouses’ infidelities. I’ve listened to many news personalities refer to Maria Shriver as being somewhat honorable for staying with Arnold for as long as she has. In my opinion that is just plain STUPIDEITY!

Why in the world do women do it? Why stay with a man that you know is cheating on you? It doesn’t prove anything, it doesn’t make your relationship stronger, it doesn’t boost your self-esteem and it certainly doesn’t strengthen the trust that you may have once had.

Women please, you need to look at the big picture. These unfaithful adulterous men will use you up, take the BEST years of your life, wait until you are old and tired, and then throw you away like a used tissue.

It is seriously unfair to you as a woman and Mother, to have to stay in this kind of relationship. You don’t owe your cheating, lying, untrustworthy spouse a thing. And as far as the kids are concerned, it doesn’t help them at all. If you stay with your spouse and then after 25 years decide to split up, it is harder for the kids to comprehend, because you have actually been deceiving your children into thinking that everything is alright. People sometimes think that when kids are older it’s easier to deal with. NOT! Ask yourself, you’re grown, is it easy for you to deal with? Another thing to keep in mind, it is not going to be hard for the man in the adulterous relationship to find another woman, because some women don’t mind sloppy seconds (for lack of a better term), but what about you? Your older, you may not be as shapely as you used to be, you don’t have the same kind of energy or stamina, so how easy is it going to be for you to find someone else?

Listen Ladies, you deserve better! You do not have to stay in a bad relationship that has no trust or love. It’s not honorable, it’s not smart, it’s not good for you, your kids, or anyone else involved. Regardless of what the media portrays or what your family and friends think, you don’t have to be miserable in a lost relationship. We are all entitled to respect, love and happiness. Don’t waste your time in a loveless marriage. Find the strength and the courage to walk away, if your unhappy. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.