Army Strong!

What does it really mean to serve? Is it simply doing something for someone else? Or possibly relieving someone of a burden they might not be able to handle. Ask a member of our armed forces and they will give you a very clear definition. Our military men and women sacrifice more than just their time for our country. Over the years millions of servicemen have carried the responsibility of being America’s representative to the rest of the global community. The average American citizen is so occupied with living their everyday lives that some things just get taken for granted. Like a good night’s sleep, no ordinance has ever been deployed outside my neighborhood. Peace of mind is something we have come to expect; I wonder at times what it would be like to watch a foreign army move across my state. We rely on certain days of the year to serve as reminders that some people have paid the ultimate price for freedom. Unfortunately, it often requires a crisis or tragedy to shake us from the monotony and to remind us that those tasked with defending our country play a critical role in our lives.

Imagine being a patriot every day, not just before football games. Imagine paying tribute to the nation every single day, not just on the 4th of July weekend. Imagine waking each morning, 7,000 miles from your place of birth to carry out a mission that might ensure the events that occurred on September 11th, 2001 never happen again in the United States. Imagine not making it back…

I have nothing but respect for those who voluntarily serve despite the political uncertainty we are dealing with here at home. How many of your friends and neighbors would continue to go to work with paychecks held and benefits cut? I tip my cap to those who leave their friends and families behind to go and fight in a war abroad to ensure that another nation can experience the freedom that we have here at home.

We pride ourselves in being a country full of the types of people who serve in our military. In actuality our servicemen and women are a very rare breed. It takes a truly selfless person to not only put themselves in harm’s way for another, but to make a living and a career out of it is truly remarkable.

For many who finish high school and are not blessed with an opportunity to further their education the military presents a unique opportunity to learn and grow. Many are turned off by the prospect of potentially having to go and fight in an armed conflict and that is understandable. However, from what I have seen, the U.S. military staff and personnel are expert at training and preparing productive U.S. citizens. They infuse discipline where it is needed, they provide training when it is necessary, and they protect our shores against any and all threats.

The last thing that we should ever “cut” in this country is funding to our military. I’m not talking about how much the government decides to spend on a tomahawk missile, or the next new fighter plane. Those are trifles that our elected officials love wasting weeks and months bickering over. I’m concerned with benefits for our retired or disabled veterans. I’m concerned with ensuring that paychecks get delivered on time for our active duty troops at home and overseas regardless of what madness grips our federal government. I want our troops brought home after they serve a tour of duty overseas and not continuously sent back to serve tour after tour. I want our military personnel treated right, as a matter of fact, as one of the citizens they protect I DEMAND it. If anything gets cut out of the federal budget it should be the salaries of our congressmen and women since they don’t feel it’s necessary to show up for work every day anyway. I find it ironic that they would have the audacity to continue to pay themselves in the event of a government shutdown while refusing to pay our troops and demanding that they continue working here in the states and fighting overseas. At any rate, kudos to those who serve in our military and their families, the work you all do is deeply appreciated.