Arkansas GED Requirements and Information

If you were unable to finish high school due to your own choice or because of unforeseen circumstances you are probably aware how the lack of a diploma hinders certain opportunities. Without a high school diploma you may not be able to find gainful employment with a decent wage or engage in higher education. If you desire to enhance your education and career, then you will want to take the GED examination. The Arkansas GED examination is overseen by the Arkansas Department of Career Education. Below you will find all of the necessary information to register and take the Arkansas GED exam.

Arkansas GED Eligibility:

To be eligible to take the Arkansas GED examination you must not have a high school diploma from a state or national accredited high school. You must also not have a high school equivalency diploma.

As for the age, any Arkansas resident who is at least 16 years of age and meets the aforementioned requirements can take the GED examination. You must not be currently attending a secondary school.

To register for the Arkansas GED test, you must be able to provide acceptable identification, such as a driver’s license, learners permit, military ID or any other form of government-issued identification. The type of documentation you provide the testing facility must showcase your name, address, date of birth, photograph and your signature.

Of course, in order to take the Arkansas GED examination you must be an Arkansas resident. The Arkansas Department of Workforce Education states that an Arkansas resident is any person who spends most of their time in Arkansas as well as a person who pays Arkansas property taxes and a person who carries a valid Arkansas driver’s license.

Once you have confirmed that you are eligible to take the Arkansas GED test, you must then complete the eligibility confirmation form, which is found at a testing facility. Arkansas GED testing facilities are located throughout the state at adult education centers or at designated GED Testing Centers. Refer to the Sources section below to find a GED testing center nearest you. As of 2011, there are 62 official GED testing facilities located throughout Arkansas.

Unlike other states in America, the Arkansas GED test is free to take. Thus, no matter your financial standing you can afford to better your education and career life.

Pass the Arkansas GED Test:

To pass the Arkansas GED examination, you must pass all five sections in the test. Each of the sections are given separately, and to pass you must have a minimum score of 410 and have an average score of 450 on each section. Thus, in order to pass the Arkansas GED examination you must have a minimum final score of 2250.

The five sections of the Arkansas GED test include:

Social Studies – covers topics such as government, history, civics, economics and geography.

Language Arts – this section consists of two parts, an essay on a particular topic given to you by the testing facility as well as a multiple-choice questionnaire covering topics regarding language arts.

Science – covers topics such as space science, earth science, physics, life science and chemistry.

Mathematics – covers topics such as number relations, algebra, data analysis, measurements, statistics, number relations and geometry.


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