Arkansas Denied Baseball Regional – Can’t Say NCAA is SEC Biased

As many of you may know, the SEC is known for its’ dominance in football and baseball, and has caused people across the country to be anti-SEC. This anti-SEC sentiment isn’t unfounded at all, and as a fan of the SEC, Jesus Christ Tebow in 2009, along with the Newton Mania in 2010 was just too much to take. In baseball though, the NCAA drew a hard line in the sand versus the power conference.

The NCAA released its 16 regional sites on Sunday. These include Georgia Tech, Texas, Cal State Fullerton, North Carolina, Virginia, Clemson, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Oregon State, TCU, Florida, Rice, UCLA, Florida, Vanderbilt, Florida State, Arizona State.

A couple of interesting things to note here, the first one is that Arizona State was not “supposed” to be eligible for postseason play after they were cited for a “lack of institutional control” for everything from recruiting problems, to overpaying players for non-profit work.

ASU later self-imposed themselves for their wrongdoings, and the NCAA said, “I see your five, and I raise you,” and tacked on a little extra. ASU vice president of publc affairs Virgil Renzulli came out publically and basically said, “hey we’re guilty, just not that guilty” and appealed the NCAA suspension. So now, ASU is in the tournament because the NCAA is the only thing that moves slower than our federal government, and has yet to make a decision on a hearing that happened two weeks ago. Bizarre, I know.

The other interesting thing to note is that Arkansas was considered as a regional pick as they had an RPI of 14, and were rejected in favor of UCLA who recorded an RPI of 34. LSU did not make the field with an RPI of 26, and a SOS of 47, while St. Johns went 1-6 vs. the top 50 and compiled an RPI of 54, and a SOS of 89 or even higher depending on what source you’re talking to. The SEC got three regionals compared to the ACC’s five, and could it be a coincidence that there was not a single SEC representative on the NCAA selection committee?

Could it be, that the reason that St. John’s got into the tournament is that one of the representatives is from St. John’s? Could the selection committee decidedly choosing schools out of smaller conferences be due to the fact that there are only three representatives from the traditional power conferences? Is this turning into the political equivalent of a cross between the spoils system and jerrymandering?

You know what, maybe these schools finally get their chance to stick it to the man. Maybe after years and years of being denied a date to the dance, they finally get a chance. After being ignored and shunned, they finally remove the pocket protector and the giant glasses, that total babe in math class finally notices them. But while they’re dancing, they better not get a big head and try and go a little too far because and get rejected after two songs. You’re still a nerd in over your head and there’s not a whole lot you can do. And you better be careful, because the 240 pound starting middle linebacker (LSU) is sitting by the door, and I don’t think an apology for taking his ex-girlfriend to the dance is going to cut it.