Arizona GED Requirements and Information

A General Educational Development diploma, which is more commonly a GED, is an avenue for those who were unable to completely finish high school by choice or circumstance. If you do not have a high school diploma, then you may not be able to find gainful employment with higher pay rates or attend a higher education institution. If you live in Arizona and don’t have a high school diploma, then you will be able to take the Arizona GED examination, which is held throughout the state.

Arizona GED Eligibility and Information:

The first eligibility requirement to take the Arizona GED examination is to be at least 16 years of age; there is no maximum age to take the Arizona GED. If you are under the age of 18 years, then you will need to have an official permission slip from your legal parent or guardian. This permission slip must be notarized to be accepted by the testing facility. If you are over the age of 18, you do not need additional information.

Of course, in order to take the GED in Arizona you must be an official Arizona resident. To prove your residency to the testing facility, you may provide them with your Arizona driver’s license or an ID card with your photo. You may also prove your residency by providing a document with your legal name and current Arizona address.

To register for the Arizona GED examination, you must provide two forms of identification before the test is administered. These documents must contain your name, address, date of birth as well as your signature. You will also be required to verify you are not currently enrolled in high school, which is typically proved by providing the facility with a notice of withdrawal from the high school.

Arizona has had a problem with fake GED testing facilities, thus before you register at a testing facility, make sure the facility is located on the official Arizona Department of Education website, which is located in the Sources section below. You must call a testing center closest to you to begin the registration process. Take note, the Arizona GED cannot be taken online, thus never register with a facility claiming you can take the test online or at a different location not sanctioned by the Arizona Department of Education.

Passing the Arizona GED Test:

In order to pass the Arizona GED examination you must score at least 410 on each of the five sections, which include Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. Thus, you must have a minimum score of 2250 to gain your GED diploma.


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