Arizona 2009 UFO Sightings

Back In 2009, Golden Valley, Arizona , had a strange aerial visitation from an unidentifiable aircraft, actually two.

To this day it can not be explained away..

Weather balloon? No, it separated into two parts. One indicating cold, as it was the color blue. The smaller object that emerged from it was red in color, signifying possible heat.

Possibly a Meteor? Sorry there was no tail on it and it ascended upward and over, not down.

Possibly a military aircraft? Not possible, its flight pattern was too irregular, its size grew and altered as it moved. It also would change shape from round into that of a boomer-rang.

So what was this odd aircraft, a flare? No, the color was all wrong and there was no dripping of flare residue from beneath it.

A UFO then? Yes, it is undefinable and can not be identified as anything else. The photo and the video associated with it, have never been shown before. Owners, wish to keep it private.

The circumstances surrounding this strange sighting was uneventful. The sky was clear of clouds, yet very dark. It was observed from a private home in Golden Valley, AZ. The owners of the home had just let their dogs out when they noticed it hovering in the sky.

They grabbed the camera and filmed it for a long period of time.

For over an hour this UFO hovered in the sky, changed shape, multiplied, changed color then in the very last minutes ascended up and disappeared.

A video of this occurrence is also available.

The larger object changed shape, then moved erratically several times. It also sent out what looked like a second UFO. What I mean by UFO is, it was unidentifiable and undefinable there-fore, it can not be logically explained away.

This does not necessarily mean it was from another planet, no one could ever know for sure if it was.

The thing that was released by the bigger object was a different color red, as seen in the photo.

Is this a real photo? Yes, the people who submitted it to me are older, mature, responsible, truthful adults. They held on to this evidence for years and never revealed it to anyone. If someone were to make up a hoax, their intention would be to get publicity right away, not to hide the evidence.
So what are these objects? Unknown. That is why they are labeled “UFOS”.

Maybe, if you watch the Arizona sky on some clear night, you may also catch a distant glimpse of something unusual in the sky. Keep your camera near you just in case you spot something.

If anyone has a reasonable explanation, notion or idea of what these objects could possibly be, I, the writer, would love to hear about it..

Please post in comment area below.. Thanks!