Are You Suffering from Depression?

I want to talk a little about Depression of the Brain and the chemicals that warrant such a depression or should I say the imbalance of certain chemicals causing depression. Causes of Depression vary so please hang in there at all costs. I have suffered from depression and deep depression so I know a little about what I’m talking about. My deep depression lasted 9 long years and yes I was very suicidal.

First I want to talk about that feel good chemical called Dopamine, the one that deals with the feel good section of the brain. Your body and my body produces this chemical on it’s own, yet when certain outside influences interfere in our lives like the death of a loved one, your wife leaving you, you losing your job, maybe sickness has struck you, or a heart attack has come across your path, or simply you just get bored of life. Now you need to do things to make yourself feel good again because now your body has slowed down on producing this necessary chemical that gives meaning to life. That feel good chemical called Dopamine.

So what do you do because you do not feel good. You start to do things that you never did before in abundance, or in excess because now you have to try and make yourself feel good again. In a sense you are adding that dopamine hormone only when you are drinking or taking drugs, or being sexually permiscuous, or start gambling and round and round and round we go and where she stops nobody does know. Why because your body is no longer producing the dopamine on it’s own so you are artificially inseminating the dopamine into your body through addictions. Why, because now those are the only things that make you feel good. Those are the only things that get the dopamine flowing so to speak since your body has slowed down of producing it on it’s own.

Now let’s talk about Seratonin. Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter that is primarily found in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and central nervous system (CNS) of humans and animals. This important chemical has to do with moods and decision making in life. When individuals are diagnosed as bipolar or even bipolar depression they are usually given a form of seratonin by their doctors to counteract the low count of seratonin in their brain due to their depression. It seem Bipolar Depression is very common nowadays and it seems the pharmaceutical companies are making a killing off the production of seratonin. Seratonin is found in many foods like seeds, and nuts and especially fruits and fruits with lots of seeds. Whenever you injest lots of prescription medication it is very hard on the liver. So try and replace the chemicals your body is deficient in naturally, like fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds. Save your liver at all costs. The liver is the filter of the human body and the more prescription medication you take the more harm you are doing to your liver. So if you are harming the liver you will have a host of other problems down the road. Yes alcohol depression is one of the largest on the planet since it is so easy to grab a bottle and just try and forget about your problems but the actual fact is, it only makes matters worse.

Now let’s talk about Oxytocin which is referred to as the love chemical by most health care professionals. Oxytocin as well is related to our moods, but more importantly on how we relate to others . Most people who are deficient in this chemical of the brain have come from a very abusive past or have undergone an extremely hard upbringing as a child. They usually are distant to strangers and have a hard time in relationships or in relating to others. Have you ever wondered why you keep breaking up with your girlfriends or boyfriends or why you have a low trust factor in others. Chances are you are lacking in this one very important chemical of the brain. This is because of the things that have happened to you as a child and growing into adulthood. The bad experiences of life. These are some of the causes of depression and one of the reasons you are suffering from depression.

Now that we have talked about Oxytocin how do we injest it back into our system. Since it has to do with love and relationships developing strong bonds with family and friends is the key. If you have a hard time with people you have to learn to trust some people some of the time and let them know what is happening in your life and in your head. Share with those closest to you what you are going through. Not only will you ad the oxytocin you are lacking back into your brain but you will also learn to trust people who really want to help you. So let people in, it is detrimental to your mental health and stability. In the Greek Language the word intimacy actually means ” into me see .” So let people in. It all has to do with love, loving others and learning to love yourself.

Finally let’s talk about Cortisol. That stress hormone that has to do with the Cerebral Frontal Cortex of the brain that has to do with decision making and mood swings. It has come to the attention of most neurologists recently through many studies done on women who had children under stress or when they were severely depressed that their children lacked this important stress hormone in their bloodstream. Usually women in depression stay there longer than men. If the mother was severely depressed in giving childbirth then usually the child had a greater chance of being depressed throughout their lifetime. Not to mention a majority of those individuals are diagnosed as Bipolar or suffer from bipolar depression.

Again what is the key to depression. Intimacy ( into me see ) let other people in. Don’t hold it in share your feelings with others and let others help you. The very worst thing in the world you could do is to isolate which is your natural tendancy. They don’t understand and I just want to be left alone. No, No, No, get some help and some counselling. Suicide has become the number fourth killer in the world today all because people wouldn’t let others in. Talk about your problems with others, and Pray. God is listening but you don’t think so because God works through people and you won’t let people in. So in a sense you won’t let God in. Think about the word God ( Good Orderly Direction). The only way you will have good orderly direction in your life is if you let other people in and let them know what’s going on in your head. They truly want to help you if only you will let them. Depression intervention is key to you getting better. Surrounding yourself with kind, loving people that sincerely want to help you at all costs. Whether these people are family, friends, counsellors or proffesionals they are all needed in your recovery. So please talk, interact, share and pray. My prayer of the day is you would do these things so that you may get better and recover from depression.

Yes recovering from depression should be your ultimate goal at all costs and please don’t froget to pray.