Are You Safe in Your Own Skin?

Although some people see it as futility, especially by those with very low self-esteem, an aesthetic treatment is very important and can only be done by competent professionals. After all we are talking about your body and face. Any error that may occur might scar your trust permanently.

Can you imagine for example, getting a chemical peel and end up with permanent dark spots? Choosing a good aesthetician is the key to improving the looks of your skin and body. Let’s talk about the three “Qs” for finding a great professional who’s going to provide you with great services and visible results to enhance your natural beauty.

Qualifications Are the professionals fully licensed by the state you live in?

Some business when desperate to find workers, contract just anyone who’s not yet licensed to work for them. Some state boards do not enforce regular inspections and we can just assume that by reading several cases of cross infections and even death by non-qualified workers performing illegal procedures, that inspections would become more relevant and done more often.

Per state laws every license with a photo must be visibly displayed in each and every treatment room. You can also visit your state’s board of cosmetology website or call them to find out if the professionals license is up to date.

Does the clinic or day spa support continuing education?

The beauty industry changes rapidly as it gets involved with medical researches and formulations of new discovered ingredients. Attendance to shows, conventions, classes and in house training is highly administered by the best professionals in the industry because ultimately you, the client must be informed.

Ask how long ago did the professional attend to a class. Do they ask you questions in your initial visit and have a client form for you to fill out?

There’s a big difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin, or sensitive skin and sensitized skin. Skin care companies and distributors only teach generic cookie-cutter type facials using their products. However, there are so many products and formulations to fit different types of skin and skin needs. A good esthetician will ask you questions in order to choose a skin care regimen customized especially for you and to better understand what kind of results you expect.

Do they suggest a home care regimen?

Being the largest organ of our bodies, we must continuously take good care of our skin. We must feed it with great ingredients to keep it clean, hydrated and supple. A great skin care regimen will extend the life of your skin and an informed professional will guide you with just that.


How frustrating it is to have an aesthetician talking all the way through a facial or leaving you alone in the room with a facial mask on. That usually happens because the professional does not connect with her work, much less with the client.

Also pay attention to the quality of equipment and products. A bigger company has easy access to cheaper products, cheap labor by inexperienced trainees and have cheap equipment, but as it is with everything else, cheap does not mean inexpensive. Again, we are talking about your body and your skin. You don’t want to visit a dermatologist because you skin has been damaged by cheap products and uninformed aestheticians.


How clean the day spa is kept will give you an idea of how clean your service is going to be.

Look for sterilizers, autoclaves (especially if it is a medical spa), disinfectant solutions and pay attention to see if the professionals wear gloves.


How many professionals are going to work with you?

Some day spas and beauty clinics have a very high employee turnover rate. They are always advertising in websites like Craigslist and local classified lists looking for new service providers. That usually indicates poor management with unilateral contracts that employees are asked to sign, which in turn creates little client retention. At such places a client is just a number. Are you a number?

You want to keep the same professional who understands your skin needs and provides you with exceptional results based on what you expect, time and time again.

How much time is being spent on your services?

Some day spas have strict rules that limit how much time is spent on facials. Their management is still based on the so outdated industrial era thinking when production was more important than quality.

Every client has different needs, questions and expectations. While it’s difficult to find a day spa that is generously flexible with time, make sure you’re always on time and ask how long will your service be.

Do your homework and invest some time to find a professional who will work with you, not on you. Get referrals from friends and ask them how satisfied they are with the results, after all they are not getting paid to advertise. Referrals are exclusively based on quality of services.