Are You Ready to Leave Your Corporate Job Behind?

After another long and depressing day at my corporate job two years ago, I decided to meet some friends out for dinner in Basalt. My friend thought it would be nice to go to Blue Creek Grill because that’s where she had her recent art opening —

What? Did she say an art opening???

I was stunned. I knew that my good old friend had been dabbling, but I had no idea on what scale.

Two years prior to that night, she’d gone on an African safari, and being the talented photographer that she is, she took some wild pics. Not sure what to do with these stunning, up close (as in five feet away) shots of zebras, lions, tigers, and elephants, she tucked them away physically. Mentally, they kept calling her back.

Finally, she chose to develop them to their fullest potential (4′ x 5′ plus) in order to make the best impact. Framed and ready for market, she took them to the Blue Creek Grill restaurant where over 10 pieces of art were beautifully displayed for public indulgence.

I was jealous.

I thought to myself: “How is it that I think I have so much creativity and passion inside, yet here I sit selling news to corporations?”

I’ve always been so inspired by my friend because she makes her own choices. Twenty years ago, we were living large in Aspen, having an absolute ball after college. But after having my two years’ worth of fun, I knew it was time to move to Chicago to pursue what some referred to as a real job.

But not my artistic, independent friend. She thought we were all crazy.

“Are you kidding me? I’m staying put. This place is awesome,” she said. I listened but dismissed her comments as foolish. I was going to be a ‘homeowner’ after all — not a ‘renter’ for the rest of my life. (related article: Homeownership Can Be A Dream Killer)

Needless to say, she ended up being the owner, and guess who ended up being the renter?

Funny how that turned out.

It made me think that my fierceness wasn’t so fierce after all. I was obviously too timid to risk pursuing my passions in order to live life my way for fear that I’d fail.

But that’s when a shift started taking place; I started to rethink that approach. Maybe it was age. Maybe it was boredom. Or maybe it was just time to get up off my lazy rear to do what I loved so I’d love what I did.

Living like you mean it takes effort. Not to mention, courage. Flash forward to today.

I quit my corporate job and followed my dream. I work harder than I ever have as an internet entrepreneur, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

When it comes to my work, I feel passion. I’m dedicated. I love the challenge, and it can be challenging.

I could use more money…more time…more emotional support. But I’m focused on the finish line: living and working and thriving on my terms, from anywhere I choose.

Some would call this living the dream. For me, it’s living my reality.

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