Are You Ignoring Clear Signals to Quit Your Job and Change Careers?


You know you want to. You have been threatening to do it for years. The money really isn’t even all that great. Yet you stick around “just one more day” you tell yourself. All for what? For that golden pot at the end of the rainbow you heard about that appears after 30 years of back-breaking drudgery day in and out? Why wait when it is clear… IT IS TIME!

Here are a few signs that are so easy to spot daily that it is scary:

You hate your job

You would think this would be the obvious one that would be the clearest indication of the desperate need to make a move. Not the case. According to and article by less than 50% of Americans reported being satisfied with their jobs.

You are only doing it for the money

Sadly this is the vast majority. If your not sure if this is you ask yourself what is the very first thing you would do if you won the lottery? If you answered “Quit your job”…. THIS IS YOU! If there is no other reason for you getting up everyday other than I just want to earn money, get out of there! Despite what the media will have you believe, there are thousands of jobs out there.

You don’t believe in the company

These are the people who lose sleep because they are so conflicted about the company view, products or morals. This could be a defense attorney whose IBS kicks up every time he is so good at what he does that he gets another drug dealer off because of a legal loophole. Or it could be a chef who knows the owner is watering down the soup and using expired produce to save a couple extra bucks. Moral issues will stay inside you with that gut feeling that you take home with you. Not worth it.

You in a very negative environment

You don’t seem to get along with anyone. They are rude to you. They gossip all day and play “whose having the worst” competition and try to outdo each other with their stories. You say you will just keep to yourself because you are only there to work not to make friends. But does that really work? Stop letting your ego keep you there because or your “they are not going to run me out” mentality. Let them win. Realize you also win. When your mental health goes, everything else plays follow-the-leader.

Your spouse or kids directly says they want you to quit

This is a toughie because you may in fact be in the minority and love your job. But ask yourself what is the most important thing to you? Money, or loving harmonious relationships. If you cant compromise and find both keep in mind money can be replaced. No two people on earth are exactly alike.

Your bored

Sometimes the most thrilling part of your job may be overcoming the obstacles. The challenges give us something to overcome and provide that sense of accomplishment once you do surpass it. I personally quit my $30 an hour, full benefits with dental and vision job simply because it got too easy. You can read more about that in my bio.
Your own personal list could be endless with reasons why you never want to step foot in that office again but I assure you the basic theme will always be the same: Your own Happiness. Daily, you spend the majority of your time getting ready for work, at work or driving to and from work. Why would you want the spend the better part of your days being unhappy. No amount of money will give you that time back. More startling news – The money cant even guarantee that it will actually be enough to give you lasting happiness when you get it. All those hours being miserable to go home and still be miserable. Think of the impact it would have on your life if you couldn’t wait to get up and go to work in the morning. How awesome would that be? What if you were doing what you loved and the pay was just a bonus?

Jack Canfield writes, in his book “The Success Principles” that we have had the formula all wrong for years. We are always taught to sacrifice, work hard and become prosperous so that we can one day retire and do what we love (once we are so old we are no longer capable to do what what we love also). He says we should have learned that if you do what you love the prosperity will come. We can have it all NOW!

Stop making excuses. The timing will never seem exactly perfect. Make the choice to start living the life of your dreams today! You will be glad you did.