Are You Green or Just Frugal?

While going green can save you money, there are some cases where going green is not the same as living a frugal life. Sometimes, it will cost you more green to live eco-friendly. While it’s great when living green can come together to help you save money as well, there are some times when the two just don’t jive. Sometimes you have to spend a little more upfront to save more in the long run (think solar panels on the roof or organic cotton that is double the price of ordinary cotton fabrics).

Some people say they are green but really they just want to live a more frugal lifestyle. Does it really matter when in the end, it’s all bettering our future? Every small step is one closer to a greener planet. However, if you want to gut-check yourself and find out whether you are really green or just frugal, then keep reading.

Here are some questions to help you determine if you are green or just frugal?

I shop second-hand stores for things that my family needs first because:

a. I don’t have the money to buy things new very often.
b. I don’t want to contribute to over-manufacturing and I try to reuse whenever possible.

I turn off lights when not in use, unplug my electronics and conserve energy because:

a. I cannot afford high electric bills.
b. I want to do my part to help the environment by not wasting electricity.

I walk or bike whenever I can because:

a. I cannot afford to fix my broken car/ gas is too expensive.
b. I want to reduce harmful emissions on the environment.

I use less water in my home because:

a. I don’t like paying the water bill.
b. I know that wasting water uses precious resources from our planet.

I buy products labeled “green” and “eco friendly” because:

a. I know they are friendlier for the environment when used and manufactured.
b. The trend of “green” products make them more affordable.

Many things in our lives today are what we call “convenience items”. Disposal diapers, paper towels and fast food are all great examples of convenience items. These items are meant to make life easier but they often take a toll on the environment and our world as a whole. They are always easier and they are often cheaper but the cheapest choice is not always the greenest choice.

So after reading this questions, can you ask yourself that question one more time: are you green or just frugal?