Are You Discreet?

Did someone tell you something in confidence without saying that it is a secret? If so, did you keep the information to yourself or did you run and tell everyone you know? Being discreet is the ability to know the difference between news to tell and a secret to keep. Someone who is discreet knows when to keep their mouth shut about information they might have been privy to. Silence is golden, and those who don’t know when to be discreet seem to lose friends quite quickly.

Sometimes it might be hard to tell the difference, and wisdom is usually the only saving grace one might have in a situation like this. The more experience one has, the better off they will be. Telling a friend’s secrets can make them lose their job, relationships or even get them sent to jail. Where do you draw the line? Take into consideration that the same fate can befall you as well and think about what you would do if the tables were turned. If you consider someone an enemy, then telling their secrets might benefit you, but then again you might want to think about what your enemy knows about you before you take action. This is called honor among thieves and is considered a professional courtesy even for your competition.

Once the secret is out, there is no going back, so the best advice is to play out the scenario in your head before you say anything. It could seem like a good idea, but when the deed is done, things might take a turn for the worse in your camp after the smoke clears. Would it really be worth it? Was the deed of telling secrets an honest mistake because you did not consider what the final outcome would be? Would it matter whether or not it was intentional or by accident. Usually, the final outcome is the same regardless of where one’s heart is at the time of disclosure.

The best course of action is to weigh the pros and cons first. Consider what the potential outcome will be, and make a conscious effort to guard your own secrets when considering a news release about friends, family or enemies. This can only save you a lot of guilt and strife in the long run and help you to keep the number of enemies down to a minimum.

What course of action should you take if someone does this to you? Discretion is key in this scenario also. You basically have two choices. One choice is to feed the fire with denials or make excuses for your actions. This is not a good way to go when your secrets are concerned. The second course of action is to do nothing. Don’t even acknowledge the person who is causing problems. Take away the fun your enemy is having by trying to wreck your life by ignoring them. Never feed the trolls.