Are You Committed to You?

There is so much information in one body that trying to get it all out at once is difficult. Many times I have sat to write and share with my audience my experience in business and in life. I get frustrated after two sentences.

Like I am now; very frustrated on how to share with you being committed to YOU!

It takes commitment to be all that you can be even when you know someone is going to judge you for the choices you are making. It takes commitment, patience and self-help. Self-help comes from asking for wisdom; asking the LORD for wisdom on what to do next. Be committed in knowing that HE has your best interest at heart and PRAISE HIM that He gives you the opportunity for do-over!

Are you committed?

What is the point of a new life in Christ if you are not committed to doing what HE wants you to do? This means being committed to you after being committed to HIM! Every lesson learned in life is about taking you towards your future and your purpose. No one wants to be committed to fail; they are committed to win; to succeed. Look at your prayer life; look at your time of fellowship with others and briefly look at your history so that you can see what God has brought you through. You are a special person committed to everything the LORD wants to do in your life. Don’t stop at the negative, keep moving towards the positive!

Are you studying?

Commitment also has a lot to do with what you are studying. Are you studying something that gives you a good feeling about you? Self-help books are great, but the Bible is the first start to self help that either of us needs. You know you are on a road ending on prosperity lane when you seek the Kingdom of God first for all of your answers. You are working diligently on YOU when you want to know what HE says about your life and who died for you life. The instructions in the word of God (the Bible) are essential your life and your salvation. The instructions give you insight on being blessed by being obedient and being cursed by being disobedient. The words tell you how to raise your children and how to beat them if you have to. When studying read it all and ask for help; ask someone who has been where you have been and are going in an upward direction.

Go to the library and find books on life skills and circumstances that have a biblical basis and then make sure you study the scriptures for yourself. Yes, you cannot depend on man to know everything and give you enough insight in their books that will connect you with the Lord. This is going to take commitment and changing your comfort zone. Why? We want to believe everyone knows what they are talking about; for the world they might. Yet, for the biblical they might not. Take your time trying to find books or audio that will help you get to your breakthrough in life and in business.

So, what’s the point of being committed?

The point of being committed is you have to start somewhere and set a goal to stay there until you get what you want or get finished with this leg of the spiritual race that you are on. Committed to what God has for you is important and essential for your life. It is not a game that can be played from time to time; you have to get to the finish line!

Get committed to you! Stay committed to you and never give up!