Are You Being Haunted : Local Paranormal Group Can Help

What was that? Did you hear that? Your alone in your house reading a book and all of a sudden you could have sworn somebody just came in and walked into the living room. You get up to welcome home your family member only to find out nobody is there. This is now the second time in a week that this has happened, and lets not forget that weird shadow you thought you saw during a bathroom break in the middle of the night. Now you are worried, are you losing your mind? If you tell someone what will they think? Who do you call for help?

If this happened even five years ago the number of professional paranormal investigation groups would have been slim at best. I use the term professional because there are many out there that advertise that do not even have members yet, which I wonder why they even have a web page. In the Sandusky, Ohio area the closest team would have been near Cleveland, Ohio, now they have two that are local right in town. One such group in my personal opinion stands out above it’s competition, S.T.O.P. : Searching The Ohio Paranormal. They are a top notch, very professional group of investigators.

S.T.O.P was founded in 2008 by Steffani Dauch and today it includes approximately 10 members, including one medium and one sensitive. They are made up of housewives and mothers who have had their own experiences and want to help those when no one was there to help them. One thing that makes them stand out above the rest is they do not jump to conclusions. Debunking a claim is first priority, and catching real proof is next. Also before an investigation takes place clients are screened through an interview process, which is then bought to the team for review. Once this takes place, an investigation is setup. The day of the investigation the team meets hours in advance to go over strategies and to assign people “job duties.” This may seem silly, but it actually makes the investigation setup run smoothly and quickly so they can get right down to work. S.T.O.P’s main concern for the client is to give them answers to what is going on, above all to help. All of this is done free of charge to the client. After the investigations are complete then the tedious work begins.

Back at the “shop” the team pours over hours of audio and video looking for evidence from the past job. Once any evidence is found the team them presents this to the client and again if possible assures the client that they are not alone, and that they are safe. Most spirits just want us to know they are their and mean no harm. I truly commend S.T.O.P for their contribution into this new venture that we call ghost hunting. They are truly making a difference helping one family at a time reclaim their homes. So if you feel you need help, you are not alone. They are hear to help, and if you need their help you can reach them through Facebook at