Are You a Bad Employee?

Unfortunately, it seems there will always be bad employees, and in most work places there is at least one. Bad employees negatively affect your whole department, as well as the entire business, in one way or another. Sometimes it seems that bad employees have no idea who they are. Are you one of those? Here is a list of six things you don’t want to be doing if you want to keep your job.

1. Always late

This employee seems to arrive late more often than on time. When co-workers look shocked to see you there on time, you might have a problem. Consistently arriving late shows that you don’t care. If there is business to be done, and you aren’t at work, someone has to cover for you. After awhile, there is bound to be some bitterness between the late employee and co-workers, and bitterness is contagious.

2. Taking long breaks and lunches

Some people seem to think that they are entitled to a longer break or lunch hour than everyone else is. I’m not sure how this starts, but it seems to begin with taking an extra 5 minutes and making up a long excuse, and eventually works up to an extra 30 minutes, or even an hour, with no excuses. The longer it continues without reprimand, the worse it gets. The same problem happens as it does when an employee is always late. Your co-workers, boss, or employees have to cover for you. Not a good idea.

3. Using your cell phone

If you’re spending time texting or talking on your phone, and putting off your next project, you aren’t working. Sometimes this is necessary, but if you are on your phone more than you are working, there is a problem.

4. Drinking alcohol (or using mind altering substances) during the work day

You would think this would be obvious, but if you have to return to work after lunch, you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol (or imbibing in other substances) at lunch or on your breaks. Even if you think it doesn’t effect your work, it probably does. If you think your co-workers aren’t aware, think again. Its easy to make mistakes when your brain isn’t functioning optimally.

5. Non-stop talking about your personal life

Incessantly talking about your personal life is not only annoying, but you are interrupting your co-workers work as well as your own. Some friendly talk is good, but openly discussing last night’s conquest or the ways you are going to get revenge on your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend is not.

6. Blaming others

If you feel you have to blame everyone else for your mistakes, or find mistakes in others in order to take the focus off of yourself, people will become resentful of you. Everyone makes the occasional mistake, and the better person will take constructive criticism and learn from it. Scapegoating other employees can only get you so far.

If you see yourself on this list, it might be time to look for a job that you care more about, or make some changes in your behavior at work before its too late.