Are We All Related?

Are all people interelated based on our individual DNA? Some believe we are and some do not. According to my DNA tests results it appears that I am related literally to all other humans in some way. Some scientists throughout the history of our world family report that we orginated in Africa long ago and are interelated. Iit would make sense that we all should consider helping each other in whatever way we can since there is possiblity that all humans are interelated. But how can we ensure safety of our existence.

Although there are many differences within our daily lives we all must find ways to bring our Human world family together peacefully. Initally, I thought that my entire family was from America, Americas, and Europe but during the past 10 years my DNA results from National Geographic Family Tree DNA combined with my own family research has proven me wrong. Our family is not just American European born free citizens. But instead I now know that I have ancestors from around the entire world.

Each and everyday the news tells us of the anquish in our world family not just in America but from far away places. Homelands of my ancestors and yours who were born, lived, and died so that we could be born. There is so much separation of us as world family that keeps us divided as we suffer mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually in our daily lives/ It seems time for all of us to realize that those we refuse to help, befriend or try to understand may be your ancestor; so they are family. Professionals, to many to name in this article, such as Dr. Stephen Wells, Dr. Bahr, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Dr. King, Mr. Mandel, Prophets from all faiths, and ordinary everyday people have dedicated their lives to being heroes for humanity.

It is time for all of us to help pick up the pieces of humanity and in our own way reach out to help in whatever way we are called to assist. For example, perhaps this opinion article will help other’s understand that it is possble for humans to all be interelated. For instance, during my own family history research I have learned that my bloodline families orginated in Africa over 100,000 years ago with “Scientific “Eve” National Genographic. Well then that means for 100,000 years my ancestors and yours have survived to make our world a better place so that I could even be born to tell their life stories. .

My World family ancestors are very diverse in race, ethnics, beliefs and lifestyles throughout history and yet they survived together no matter their differences. Our world families survival depends on all of us to enlarge our family concepts about our interelatedness instead of limiting our family tree’s. If you are human you are related to the entire world population in my humble opinion. My DNA final results completely opened my eyes and heart when I realized that my ancestors were not only African, but Middle Easterner, Euroasian, European, Native American, Central and South American and and of many belief systems. For example in just the last 3 generations some of my family relatives were born in the United States of America and the rest throughout the world.

My research has taught me that my grandfather’s were both born outside of the United States in Russia and Germany and immigrated to the United States in the late 1800’s so their descendants would be free to pursue their choices of lifestyle, religions, education, and occupations. Both maternally and paternally my ancestors and probably yours have fought for freedom from starvation and oppression of every kind imaginable. It was our ancestors that have provided mental, emotional, physical, social and spritual well being as a priority for us in honor of their ancestors. For example, as a child we lived in an integrated neighborhood that was for the most part poverty stricken and yet all of us were taught to take food, spend time with, and respect those we did not hardly even know their names.

Regardless of differences most of us were taught to honor the elderly and anyone who needed help when crisis hit our family or another’s. That appears to me to be the right thing to do instead of putting ourselves above another even though we have not ever met them in person. Isn’t helping our world family a good thing just because we are all humans.

Are we truly all interelated as humans? Who are your ancestors or mine? Recently, there has been a new show on television called, “Who do you think you are?” that is a valuable learning tool about ancestry. I absolutely love this show because I feel they are talking directly to all of us as one family ancestry. Who do we know or do not know? Where are our ancestors from or what did they have to do to survive. Family research really made me think about my unknown ancestral relatives. Were they living difficult lives, did they have clean water or were they being slaughtered and imprisioned by oppression, draught, earthquakes, or what?

I wonder if the oppressors are actual our ancestors or not. We can’t come together as a human family unless we realize that we may be hating our 3rd great grandparents descendants or they may be hating us because no one knows who is truly related to whom. Therefore, I am publishing in this article some of my family history surnames so that the world can understand how without knowing it we can and are related to the rest of the world. How can each human help stop hatred and start living as family regardless of our differences. As I write this I am curious about who is reading my article about our interelated human world family so the following list is just a small portion of maternal and paternal surnames in my famiies to see if we are related and don’t even know it. How can we help inform the world that all humans may be interelated by bloodline ancestry?

The following is a list of a small portion of my surnames in my maternal and paternal families so that they know we are relative: :

Short List, Maternal and Paternal Surnames of my Relatives in my World Family
Ackley, Adams, Alexander, Algers, Alpine,Angell, Appel, Anders, Anderson, Andrews, Antoni, Ascenio, Bailey/Bayley, Bagley, Baum, /Begley,Bell, Blanton,Blairquan, Blankenship, Bolen, Bolling, Booker, Bowman, Brandenburg, Browne, Brave, Campbell, Cavender, Cheatwood, Chtiwood, Click, , Creager, Day, De Coucy, De Monficet, Dillion, Divers, Dulcas/Dulkis, Elliott, Featherstone, Finch, Fitch, Flora, Flory, Fraser/Frazier, Frey/Frye, Gommel, Gluck Gee , Gipson, Gibson, /Greer/Grier, Greear, Green, Hall, Harkrider, Hawkins,Heathcoate,Hope, DeJulian, Ikenberry, Johannes, Johnson, Knight, Knowles, Lane, Lefebvre, Lamb, Longyear, Mueller, Miller, Mullins, McDonald, McGregor, Mitchell, Nolen, Opel, Overfelt, Presley, Pugh,Richardson, Rion, Roy,Ryan, Smith, Squire, Stankavich/Stonkawich/Stankwicz, Stecher, Stecker, Stone, Stonecash, Taliaferro, Taylor, Terry, Theophilus,Tychinn, Unkrant, Via, Webb, West,, Wright, Yoder, Young, Zimmerman