On a journey to build a list of virtual companies, I discovered that there was no formula, method or a system to establish a list of virtual company. Instead, the journey become a discovery of virtual workers behavior, and the reality that virtual environment is none discriminatory. Small and large business takes the advantage of low cost and global talent offered through virtual market. The journey was a shedding point that there are pros who have mastered virtual world as a way to pump up profits, increase efficient and gain competitive advantage.

Since human beings are wired to be social beings, one might tend to contemplate the dryness of working virtually due to lack of human contact, an intact of dry soul buried in computer screen and emotionally disconnected through the network. This is not the case, most virtual workers tend to be entrepreneur minded or are entrepreneurs who need to build a strong network to survive. They have discovered the joy of working anywhere at any time, use high communication superiority to build network through social events and enjoy happy productive energetic life enjoyed outside office Pickering. Once in a while they will shift their normal work environment to tap on human energetic social life to oil their souls.

These are the eagles of the world; they reach beyond the boarders with a common objective of tapping on the world talent, efficiency, pumping up profits, enjoying freedom and delivering. They enjoy the thrill of flying with different flock any where at any time by click of mouse.

Another defining character with the virtual pros is that they enjoy technology and convenient. They are open to try different technology and they stay updated with latest technologies. The step toward the exploration for delivering a list of virtual companies developed into an inner journey of discovery of virtual world. The virtually world is well set with technology and applications, with new amazing technology and applications being introduced in the market which keep on pushing the height of virtual world.

The virtual pro are entrepreneur minded or are entrepreneurs who behaves like a revolutionary army on a mission to tumble a dictatorship. They carry the banners of “What the Heck Statements? “. Revolutionary statements such as why this and not that are inclined in their system. They are revolutionary thinkers yearning for a different better world. The ambitious to create the list of virtual companies was an opener on realization that most innovative small business uses virtual element to pump up their profits and create an image of mature companies. Being creative and innovative is what keep them running. They use imagination to trample the giants through flexibility and creativity.