Are There Affordable Schools for Troubled Teens?

Some private institutions specialize in educating troubled teenagers. These schools combine traditional academic goals with counseling techniques intended to help teens stop engaging in bad behavior. Delinquent teens can make decisions that can follow them for the rest of their lives and that are sometimes an actual threat to the family. There are some affordable schools that can help your troubled teen get back on track.

Definition of a Troubled Teen

Troubled teens are teenagers who engage in risky and dangerous behaviors such as substance abuse, promiscuity and criminal activities. Specialized schools help teens cope with emotional issues such as depression, low self-esteem and suicidal tendencies, and behavioral problems such as authority issues, anger outbursts and running away. Teens who have bad friends or gang involvement might benefit from attending one of these specialized schools since they will be removed from these negative influences.


Families with troubled teens may have difficulty coming up with money for school tuition, which can start at $2,000 a month. However, these schools often have finance options for families in need. Some schools offer a monthly payment plan for parents with good credit scores and other schools offer loans with low interest. Some insurance companies will pay for part of the tuition.

School Quality

Some of the more affordable troubled teen schools have substandard services and staff members who have questionable backgrounds, while higher quality schools have staff members who have passed background checks.

Room and Board

When considering a school, find out if the tuition also covers room and board. Some schools might have additional room and board expenses tacked on to the tuition, which can make the overall expenses higher.

School Types

Some of the most affordable kinds of schools for troubled teens are specialty boarding schools, which use therapy to engage in behavioral modification with the help of therapists. However, not all of these programs are cheap. Residential treatment centers, which specialize in emotion disorders and substance, can cost more. Other options involve boot camps and wilderness treatment programs, but these programs are expensive and do not offer academics.

Lack of Availability

Outside of financial aid and loans, there are few ways for parents with low incomes to get their students into schools for troubled teens. These schools can be risky to fund, since schools for troubled teens tend to attract litigation. Schools tend to charge a high tuition for the issues associated with running a school for troubled teens, which drives up the cost of tuition.