Are Teachers Equivalent to God?

Teacher and student relationship plays a very important role in bringing out ones hidden talent out and mentally preparing them to use their talent as a skill to achieve things in life. In the Hindu mythology, a teacher, it may be a school teacher, a music teacher, a college professor or simply even a tailoring teacher is referred to as the ‘Guru ‘. ‘Guru’ means a spiritual guide, a counselor or an expert authority. In the holy prayer it is said “Mata, pita, Guru, Deivam(in Tamil language)”, ‘Mata’ the mother means the first God, someone without whom we would have never seen this world. ‘Pita’ means the Father, who is the best friend and a guide of an individual or even a role model. ‘Deivam’ is the God or the creator of the entire world and ‘Guru’ the third, which means a teacher, is in a higher position than God. It also means follow your teacher and then the God. Do the present generation teachers show relevant behavior towards children to be treated as the ‘Gurus’?

Most of the teachers today in any primary school are not even graduates; they join the school agreeing to get a low salary. Firstly, they do not know anything about the child psychology; they are very young to be school teachers as they are hardly 19 or 20 years old. The only thing they know is to hit the child if they make noise or to give punishment. Some teachers, who are graduates and are qualified to be teachers, also behave in the same manner. They do not understand that the IQ of every child is different and not the same; each and every child has a special talent within him or her. Teachers are pressurized by the management to complete the syllabus before the term or the semester and so the pressure is put on the child. Teachers want to finish the syllabus as early as possible, get the corrections done and they even give the test next day. Children are treated like robots or machines; they are not given the space and time to understand the concept of the subject, the moral of the story or to even understand the meaning of each and every word.

This kind of education system has to be changed, so that every child grows up with an individuality and talent. In the 10+2 system of education, it is only the score that counts and not the talents. A child may have lots of talent inside him, but in the race to score high marks in exams the student forgets all his talents and ends up into something that he is doing mechanically and not mentally. Teachers play a major role in bringing out ones talents in an early stage, they have to understand the difference between every child in the class and behave accordingly. They should never give negative remarks about any child in the class, which makes the child to hide his talents and they are buried for ever. Teachers are referred to as the ‘Gurus’, a person above the God for every student and I request every School and teacher to change their attitude towards students, so that many more Einstein’s and Edison’s are gifted to the World.