Are Successful People Talented or Lucky?

No one would argue the fact that if you want to accomplish big things in life, you have to be diligent and talented in your fierce pursuit of success.

Nor would anyone argue the fact that to reach the pinnacle of success, you also need a little help along the way.

That help, being luck.

We all would like to think that we control every aspect of our lives, including how much success we achieve. We like to think this because it makes us feel more secure, believing that we control our destiny, but is that really the case?

Do we really control our destiny?

The only true answer is yes and no. And the reason is simple. We control some aspects of it, but not all. For example, we control what we wear on a job interview, how we present ourselves, how we behave, but we don’t make the final decision as to whether we are offered the job. Those result rests solely outside of ourselves. That seems to be the case for just about everything in life. Certain parts we do control and others parts we don’t.

You can do everything right and still not succeed. For example, I have a friend who signed his first book deal a year ago. This was his dream that he coveted for so long. So, he did everything he thought he was supposed to do to guarantee the success of his book. He hired a publicist, had a professional website created, review copies were sent out to everyone, pitch letters were mailed to TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and magazines, he hosted book signings and speaking engagements and several press releases were sent to the media. He was on facebook, twitter, linkedin, and youtube. He had a podcast. He did it all, however, even with all of that, his book failed to become a bestseller. And why is that? Because of outside influences. Your efforts, beauty, brains, body, connections, talents, skills, gifts, and strengths will only take you 90% there. The rest is up to outside influences.

Two people can travel the same path, do exactly the same thing, know exactly the same people, have the same education and same financial situation and one person may soar to the top, while the other remains stagnant. Obviously, there is something more at work here.

Call it luck, universe, spirit, God, fate, what have you. However, at the end of the day, even with all your hard work, talent and persistence, you will need a little something to take you to the top and that something is called luck. So, to recap, are successful people lucky or talented?

They are necessarily both.