Are President Obama’s Failures His Fortune?

Midas was the name of that king whose touch turned everything to gold. So what do you call the person whose failures are his fortune?

How about President Obama.

He’s the President who, you’ll recall, promised to close down the Guantanamo Bay detention center. That’s the miserable place where terrorists are forced to go through “body strip scanners” as if they were common airline passengers, and coerced to give away secrets about really bad guys.

Well how fortunate that President Obama failed to shutter this facility that provided the information integral to what may be the greatest accomplishment of his first term: the killing of Public Terror Enemy #1, Osama bin Laden.

I mean it’s bad enough that the President has to endure criticism from those reminding him that he actually tried to close a haven of vital security information. But can you imagine his embarrassment had he not failed on his promise? How fortunate.

Although the Gitmo-derived information leading to bin Laden was divulged before Obama took office, he was still working on a plan that could have thwarted the killing of bin Laden. According to the Washington Post, as recently as January 2010 the President considered his Justice Department’s recommendation to release dozens of Gitmo detainees despite a CNN reported recidivism rate of 25%: a release affording former inmates the opportunity to alert bin Laden and thus compromise the President’s own accomplishment.

But Obama’s plan failed, withdrawn when several, security-approved, Yemen-bound gentlemen had their free trip cancelled because their peace-loving, terrorist-harboring homeland was associated with the 2009 Christmas Day hijack attempt. Foiled again. How fortunate.

Obama’s fortune from failure is certainly not limited to Gitmo. The President also failed on his commitment to refuse an extension of the Bush tax cuts. So what’s happened since this failure? An NCSL reported 3-month significant drop in unemployment! How fortunate.

So, what about Obama’s commitment to passing Cap and Trade? That was the plan that would increase costs for those reprehensible companies that provide that nasty gasoline to put into our despicable, environment destroying vehicles. Of course, these companies would then pass along those costs to consumers (i.e. voters!) who would then be outraged at a President responsible for slapping them with a Wall Street Journal estimated additional cost of 3% of after-tax income. Alas, the President has failed perfectly on Cap and Trade. The result? No angry mob of motorists driving their votes elsewhere. How fortunate.

And what about the President’s promise to force his health care reform across the board, imposing intolerably burdensome tax on big businesses? Again, he failed — several companies received exemptions from the onerous requirement. The result? The companies will not be forced toward insolvency and their employees will not be left unemployed and blaming the President. How fortunate.

Is it ultimately possible that this President’s blessing of his failures becoming his fortune will someday become a curse, a fate similar to that which Midas ultimately suffered? Time will tell. Obama still has plenty on his plate, so I’m betting we’ll have more opportunities to observe this phenomenon.

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