Are Photo Radar Tickets Reported to Insurance Companies?

If you’ve ever sped through a red traffic light or were breaking the speed limit on a busy roadway, law enforcement may have caught you with the help of photo radar. In some states, you can find photo radars are strategically placed at busy intersections and on roadways to catch drivers who are breaking the law. The radar captures a picture of the vehicle and license plate, and the driver typically receives a traffic citation in the mail. However, photo radar tickets may or not raise your insurance premium rate. Here’s what you need to know:

Photo Radar Tickets and Insurance

Insurance companies typically offer the cheapest rates on car insurance to drivers that they perceive to be low-risk drivers. This is why they will review your driving history regularly and will pull your driving record when you first apply for any type of insurance. If you have been caught speeding or violating traffic law by a photo radar, the insurance company may count that against you. Too many traffic citations — whether these were issued by a police officer or through a photo radar ticket — are a sign that you might be a dangerous driver. If you get too many of these during a certain period of time, your insurance company may raise your insurance premium or won’t be able to offer you any type of discount when you first apply for an insurance package.

Photo Radar Ticket Penalties by State

Some states don’t treat photo radar tickets like regular driving violations. In some cases, speeding and running through a traffic light are considered to be a city ordinance violation, which means that only the city will be issuing a ticket. When this is the case, your violation won’t necessarily work against you. The photo radar ticket may not even be reported to your insurance company. All you will need to do is pay off the ticket before the due date and it will be cleared off your record within a certain period of time. This is why some drivers who do receive photo radar tickets never see a change in their insurance premium.

Photo radar tickets may not have any impact on your insurance premium but they can still be costly. You do have the option to contest the ticket and avoid paying the fine if you honestly were not speeding or breaking any traffic laws. Review all of the information sent with the photo radar traffic ticket to find out what options you have for contesting a ticket.


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