Are Hybrid Cars Worth It?

It doesn’t seem so long ago, but it was. In 1966 I had my first driver’s license and my first car. It was a very liberating experience. Until then, I was at home a lot. Such a great feeling to be able to just get away from home and just go somewhere. Gas was never a problem then, nor for many years to come. I paid just 15 cents to 19 cents a gallon. They didn’t have locking gas caps or anti-syphon devices in those days, because people didn’t steal gas; it wasn’t worth the effort.

As a young man, I remember the Arab oil embargo, gas lines and odd/even days. At the time, it was fairly traumatic. Americans were not used to the indignity of having to worry about gasoline. When gas prices hovered around 50 cents a gallon, it seemed like a lot. Years later, Americans learned a hard lesson. Gasoline passed five bucks a gallon, and never did go below a dollar again. It was starting to change people’s lifestyles. It changed mine. I had to think twice before I started up the car. I had to weigh the benefits against the cost. Nowadays, I always ask myself if I can really afford the gas to go someplace. With apologies for this long introduction, I’ll get to the point. Yes, hybrid cars are worth it if you’re on a budget like most of us.

Beyond hybrid cars, there’s something even more attractive out there ‘” the best solar car ever made. It truly is the car of the future, but it’s here now. Starting in Europe in 2003, the global headquarters of Tesla Motor Company is now in California. The company has 17 dealerships worldwide and employs 800 people. It’s been listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange since 2010. Tesla is way ahead of its time, offering state-of-the-art fuel cell technology.

What does this mean to the potential buyer? Well, owning a Tesla is a big investment; they are not cheap. From the outside, the Tesla is a sleek, sporty car offering a variety of models and colors. Under the hood, it’s a different story. You won’t find a bulky internal combustion engine. Instead, you will find an extremely quiet and efficient electric motor. You won’t see the fuel cells because they’re discretely concealed in the body of the car. Another thing you won’t find in a Tesla is the gas tank; there is none. The Tesla quietly and efficiently converts sunlight into energy, which is available on demand or stored for use when the sun goes down.

Both fun to drive and environmentally responsible, the Tesla offers excellent acceleration and plenty of comfort. People in 30 countries now own and operate Teslas. In most places, the Tesla does not require a smog check because there are no emissions. Nor does it require lubrications, oil changes and other messy routine maintenance. The Tesla is not a hybrid; it’s the end product of evolution beginning with the invention of the internal combustion engine and culminating at the peak of truly renewable, sustainable clean energy.

In today’s world, the price of gas matters. In my life, it matters. In the future, we might look back to today’s prices as the good old days when gas was cheap. Now that’s scary. Do the right thing for the environment and your wallet. Yes, hybrid cars are worth it. But solar power is even better. The future is now. Are you ready for it?

Again, here’s the question: Are hybrid cars worth it?

You won’t regret buying a hybrid or a Tesla. It won’t be easy if you have to make payments, but here’s the difference. Every time you drive your car, you will feel good about yourself, and well you should. You are making a real contribution to the future of the planet. Something your children or grandchildren or future generations of people will appreciate. If you don’t buy one, you will probably regret it from time to time. You will think about it when you pay $4, $5 or $? for a gallon of gas.

It’s an important decision, and ultimately a personal decision. You obviously took the time to read this article. In itself, that matters. It shows you care.