Are Charlie Sheen’s Children Really in Danger?

We can’t escape Charlie Sheen lately. The A-list actor, recently fired from his television series Two and A Half Men , has been using every media outlet available to rant about his issues. He’s gained two million followers on Twitter. As law suits and accusations fly between Sheen and his former employers at CBS, there has not been much uproar about the long-term affect of the actors behavior and issues on his children.

Estranged wife Brooke Mueller did have their twin toddlers, Max and Bob, removed from Sheen’s custody in the middle of the night. At the same time Mueller invoked a restraining order for Sheen not to contact her in any way. According to Popeater, Mueller is not renewing that restraining order which expired March 22.

Sheen has only limited access to his children with former spouse Denise Richards – Sam is six years old and Lola is five. But even at their young age, all of these children know who their father is and have been exposed to his erratic lifestyle. The children do not have to be living with their father to be seriously affected by his issues.

Would Charlie Sheen purposely hurt his children? Not likely. But he has four children under the age of seven that have been exposed to domestic violence, alcohol use, drug use, a variety of sexual antics and a less than stable home life. Now certainly it is sinking in that the screaming lunatic on the television is also their father.

There is speculation that Sheen is suffering from some kind of mental illness. That is a possibility. But that is quite treatable. However, the person in question has to admit that there is a problem. In the long term, it is likely not to be Sheen’s outrageous behavior that will leave the most lasting impression on his children, but his denial of having a problem.

Addictions and mental illness can be passed on to the next generation. That’s in the genes. But acting out behaviors like violence and public displays of anger can also become a behavior pattern in children who observe them. They learn from what we show them – from what we do, how we treat them and others, not what we say.

Sheen’s mood turns on a dime. He was still on somewhat good terms with former wife Denise Richards until she refused to let their children be interviewed for a television special Sheen is preparing. Then he turned on her. Unfortunately the media and celebrity followers thrive on watching a star self-destruct. But Charlie Sheen needs someone to intervene so that his children can be spared any further damage.

Sheen also has a 25 year old daughter who got married to her high school sweetheart in September, 2010. Her name is Cassandra Estevez.