Are British Women Jealous of Kate?

LONDON — The royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is just hours away and the entire country is consumed with royal fever. Middleton is getting the majority of the attention in the hours leading up to her grand appearance at Westminster Abbey: Everyone wants to know who designed her wedding dress and what she’ll look like in her last moments as a single woman.

Middleton’s ascent to royalty is the modern dream come true — a real-life fairytale of sorts. Are British women jealous of Middleton and her now-famous lifestyle? Here is what some UK women had to say the day before the wedding:

“I don’t really give a damn. I mean, we’re the ones that end up paying for the whole thing and these weddings are all really expensive, especially now. Kate seems like a nice, mature girl who is ready for this and I’m happy for her. I wouldn’t want to be her, though.” — Lynn Longstaff, Gateshead

“I already think I’m a princess, so of course I’d love to be the one getting married. However, I always said Harry would end up being the better looking of the two, so I’m not really upset that [Kate] is marrying William. I do think she is a gorgeous girl, but I hate that the media is making her out to be a ‘commoner.’ Yes, her mother was an air hostess, but [the Middletons] are millionaires. I’d hate to think what the media would say about my family!” Helen Weatherstone, Dudley

“Honestly, I think it’s lovely and she seems like the type of girl who will take on the pressure of being a princess with ease. Am I jealous of her? No way! I’m much happier with my own life, but I’m happy for them.” — Angela Harrison, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

“I’m a bit of a royalist, so I’m excited to see this modern royal wedding happen. I’m a bit too old to be jealous of Kate Middleton, but I do think she knows what she’s getting into and is ready for the challenge of being a princess. I predict that she’ll end up having a child soon after they get married. [Prince] Charles and [Princess] Diana had William within a year, after all. I think she’ll do an amazing job.” — Siobhan Weatherstone, Cramlington

“There’s no way I’d ever want to be a princess, no way. I’m absolutely sick of hearing about the royal wedding and cannot wait until all of [the media attention] goes away. I think our country has a lot more things to worry about than a wedding, but I guess I can understand the tradition and all.” — Jo Dynes, York, United Kingdom

Meagan Morris is a freelance multimedia journalist who focuses her work around important cultural and women’s issues around the globe. Follow her on Twitter @upsidemeagan.