Arab Pride and Prejudices, a Bolt from the Blue on the Middle East

If you are an active listener of news you will easily understand the meanings of the phrase used as title of the article. There were days when the Middle East was understood as the safe haven for the man. People all around the globe are there to work and earn their living. The person felt pride that got the visa of the region for employment. Especially the Muslims of the world felt elevated by working in the region. They have their religious affiliations with the region. But it has been an irony of the times that the native Arabs have never respected the Muslims immigrants and workers. They have always been prejudiced towards the non Arabs. Even they have reservations for some Arab nationals too. There has always been discrimination as far as the non Arab Muslims are concerned. If two persons committed a crime or fall out with each other, one is Arab and other is non Arab the weight is always given to the opinion of the Arab. The Arab is released and the non Arab is persecuted. Hundred and thousands of instances are there of this fashion. Then there are stories of horrible crimes of the Arab youth. They are lustful and never miss a chance o seduce a pretty girl. The polygamy is the order of their social life but with discrimination. They do not allow the non Arabs even Muslims to marry an Arab girl. There are many notorious examples of this practice found on the pages of the press and the archives of the media. You can not cite a single arranged marriage of a non Arab person with the Arab woman. On the other hand you can not enumerate the non Arab wives of the Arab nationals with out the restrictions of religion. This is one aspect of their social life. When it is the matter of business they do not believe in Muslims. There are American or European engineers who are blindly trusted. A Muslim might work more efficiently than a Whiteman but the Arabs trust only the white. They prefer the American or European to the Asian or African. These are the reasons which have gnawed at the very roots and fabric of their society. The girls with whom they married are not their sincere partners and often work for the foreign agencies especially those who belong to Egypt America and Europe. They have made them weaker and now they are puppets in the hands of their wives’ patrons. The discriminative attitude of Arabs against the non Arab Muslims has resulted in their fall too. The western companies who are pumping their oil well are now pumping their public to rise and raise riots against the rulers. Their native pride and their misjudgement about the foreigners have become a bolt from the blue for them and there is no spur or shield that can stop the bolts coming from the azure skies. They are to bear the calamities of their deeds and misdeeds in the form of rebellions and riots.